Whoever Blockhead is on Twitter; They are doing us great Justice; Keep up the good work :raised_hands:t3:


Thankyou I go by many names, I do this so Trolls can’t follow me across different social media platforms it’s hard to be good for something and not have fools try to run you out of town so I use a single different profile for each platform, the game is getting the name out there, share to anyone who says what’s your favorite Project, the main thing is use an awesome image when you can with your posts that represents the project, the image will always get more notice without one you may as well be shouting in the dark.

Thanks again for your acknowledgement; I do a lot for this project without pay - my early Bags have made me 1 very excited supporter & that’s mainly because this is an opportunity of a life time; I have no fear in the future because this is the sort of product the world will consume like chocolate as time goes by, and in my life time probably the only project I will go to these lengths to support, I’m well diversified in crypto and I’ll occasionally shill others of interest but out of the millions to me this will be the most significant in all Crypto hopefully better known but even in the background there will be no slowing the progression of the adoption.