Clarification on sub-chains and Validators

2000 AVAX at peak price ($146) would be $292,000
2000 AVAX a week ago (Around $50) would be $100,000
2000 AVAX at this moment would be around $60,000

Thats quite a lot to be a validator. For 50 validators, a project would need almost $14m in AVAX (at peak price)

Now, as FX is very cheap 2000 FX would not be a problem but if the project gains momentum and prices rise (to the likes of AVAX) 2000 FX for a validator could be very expensive in the long run. So, FX could become a very costly choice and newer/cheaper chains would easily onboard potential projects.

To support FX ecosystem adoption, I think we should see if there are other ways to address this issue.

Okay, here’s a thought on addressing this issue.

Any new chain with their own tokens would have to share new generated tokens with FX community delegators/validators.

As new chains would likely have a Community Spend Pool, what we could instead do is to get 10-50% of all generated tokens for CSP and give it to the FX validators/delegators.

So, in current scenario, a percentage of tokens (Purse) generated by Pundi X chain could be redirected to FX Validators/Delegators which would then motivate more people to buy, hold and delegate FX tokens. This could give the chain more authority and reasons to buy.

Again, lets say there are 5 sub-chains in the next 2 years on FX chain. So, someone who delegates fx would not only receive fx tokens but also tokens from chain 1, chain 2, chain 3, chain 4 and chain 5. This could ensure that FX tokens could become the next best crypto investment for people looking for passive income opportunities.

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