f(x)Core Mainnet Validator Bugs/Fixes & Technical Support

you may try curl localhost:26657/status. is there error message u are getting?

curl localhost:26657/status works and it also says catching:false
Also using docker stats I see the container is running too.
I’m just not able to create validator with my ledger

getting this Error
Error: unmarshal to types.PubKey failed after 4 bytes (unrecognized prefix bytes D9021106): D9020806CF18CE286BBAC64A6E2F74E01E792619

Do i need to open any ports to my docker container to access the node?

the full node has been synced to date since catching is showing false.

I have. previously encountered with a msg with the Default sign-mode ‘direct’ not supported by Ledger, using sign-mode ‘amino-json’ while executing create-validator command. as attached the screenshot. you may check back with the create-validator command --parameters

It should work.
Do a sudo journalctl -t fxcored -r

@ubuntu:~# sudo journalctl -t fxcored -r
– Logs begin at Wed 2022-04-20 17:46:50 UTC, end at Thu 2022-04-21 12:36:38 UTC. –
– No entries –

Sorry, didn’t see it was docker.
I don’t know then…

Thanks anyways! hmm :frowning: . I am considering redoing the node with binaries and creating validator without ledger

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If you’re doing so, just think about using the ‘keyring’ ‘file’ option with an extra password.

hi @defiekosjo did you have any success in creating the ledger?

my ledger works, i could make an transaction to a local wallet. I find it weird im not able to do the create-validator query without error.
@wm451 when doing the Full node install via Docker. does it have to run as daemon? it is already running in as container right?

I have done the ssh -L in another cmd instance to forward my transactions. Is it wise to add it as flag when making the query? like the following --node string : to tendermint rpc interface for this chain (default “tcp://localhost:26657”)?

Hi Derrick,
I fixed the ledger issue. I entered the wrong validator address, because i used “show-address” instead of show-validator :confounded:. However now it did give me the confirm transaction prompt. but i get this message as follows:

Exception 0xc0000005 0x0 0x0 0xawf61awdawd
signal arrived during external code execution
…and lot of github cosmos ledger return messages after this

rax 0x0asdeasd4000
rsi 0xc0qrasdd4000
rbp 0xc0rqwasdasdas3e48
rsp 0x2dafdsd
r8 0xdsa41
r9 0x3wqe2asd4
r10 0xaqsd0
r11 0x246
r12 0x198e01d8610
r13 0xffffffff
r14 0xc001asasdsaddasdqwe02000
r15 0x3afsadf61ef678b7
rflags 0x10wq2asd06
cs 0xasqd33
fs 0xasd53
gs 0x2asdb

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I succeeded creating validator using local wallet with keyring. Hope this ledger method would get fixed in the future though

for testnet EVM, do make sure that after you git pull the repo, and checkout the evm branch, you can double check the branch you are on by running:

git branch


  • evm


“api”: {
“address”: “tcp://”,
“enable”: false,
“enabled-unsafe-cors”: false,
“max-open-connections”: 1000,
“rpc-max-body-bytes”: 1000000,
“rpc-read-timeout”: 10,
“rpc-write-timeout”: 0,
“swagger”: false
“bypass-min-fee”: {
“msg-types”: []
“evm”: {
“max-tx-gas-wanted”: 500000,
“tracer”: “”
“grpc”: {
“address”: “”,
“enable”: true
“halt-height”: 0,
“halt-time”: 0,
“iavl-cache-size”: 781250,
“index-events”: [],
“inter-block-cache”: true,
“json-rpc”: {
“address”: “”,
“api”: [
“block-range-cap”: 10000,
“enable”: true,
“evm-timeout”: 5000000000,
“feehistory-cap”: 100,
“filter-cap”: 200,
“gas-cap”: 25000000,
“http-idle-timeout”: 120000000000,
“http-timeout”: 30000000000,
“logs-cap”: 10000,
“txfee-cap”: 1,
“ws-address”: “”
“min-retain-blocks”: 0,
“minimum-gas-prices”: “4000000000000FX”,
“pruning”: “default”,
“pruning-interval”: “0”,
“pruning-keep-every”: “0”,
“pruning-keep-recent”: “0”,
“state-sync”: {
“snapshot-interval”: 0,
“snapshot-keep-recent”: 2
“telemetry”: {
“enable-hostname”: false,
“enable-hostname-label”: false,
“enable-service-label”: false,
“enabled”: false,
“global-labels”: [],
“prometheus-retention-time”: 0,
“service-name”: “”
“tls”: {
“certificate-path”: “”,
“key-path”: “”

Just a request. Could we make it a point to update each other or me at least if your validator misses blocks and the reason why? So if it is a chain/code base issue we could fix it, if it is a network issue, we’ll all know how to troubleshoot it better in the future. this will also strengthen the validator community and help secure the network


Ok @Richard .
Right now, it seems that Nobi, Fox and Moonbase have a network issue on their server (~7k blocks missed).
It is highly recommended they switch their validator quickly to another synchronised node on another server within the next 18-19 hours.

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No answer yet from Moonbase. He already missed 18k blocks. :grimacing:

Hi everyone,

Here’s what happens when a node is insufficiently monitored.
Moonbase reached 19k blocks missed and was slashed (and jailed).

Now, what you need to see below is that this validator and his delegators were slashed 0.1% of their delegations (as per FxCore blockchain parameters).
But since the validator had only 100 $FX self-bonded before slash event, this means it is now at 99.9 $FX self-bonded, which is below the minimum 100 self-bonded $FX requirement.
All delegations (99.9% since 0.1% was slashed) are now unbonded and not producing rewards anymore.
The FX team was the most impacted with 1.916 $FX burnt because of the slash.
And Moonbase freed up a space for DutchBlue to enter the game in 50th position.

My advice :

  1. monitor your node at least twice a day : if you’re missing many contiguous blocks, something is wrong (setup a node monitoring device, a telegram bot, or anything…),
  2. make sure your validator start service is capable of automatically restarting in case of reboot, or outage of any kind,
  3. make sure you always have an alternative synchronized node (such as a sentry node for example), on another server, capable of taking the switch in case your main validator network shuts down,
  4. if ever doing the switch, make sure you NEVER have 2 nodes running with the same private validator key (even if one of them should go “PANIC MODE”),
  5. always have more than 100 $FX self-bonded to your validator,
  6. make sure other validators can contact you easily (Twitter, Telegram, etc.),
  7. make sure you delegate someone else you know the capability to interact with your node in case you go on vacations without internet, etc.


Validator '🌖🚀Moonbase' (@fxvaloper1pa4mt67gk67l3ksgwatm56vfjze7y922j2p2q5) : (ALIVE)
 - Identity                    : 6A0D65E29A4CBC8E
 - Details                     : 🌖🚀MOON SOON🌖🚀
 - Website                     : https://brrr.money
 - Security contact            : 
 - Commission rates            : 1.9 % - Max: 20 % - Max change : 1 %
 - Bond status                 : UNBONDING
 - Creation height             : 4198500
 - Jailed                      : Yes --> until 08/06/2022 03:18:30
 - Tombstoned                  : No
 - Missed blocks counter       : 2
 -- FX bonded address          : @fx1pa4mt67gk67l3ksgwatm56vfjze7y9226mu475
 -- FX consensus address       : @fxvalcons1f2gwrlnagwf532vrq7dx8ftwas7z5c7yat8wqn
 -- FX public consensus address: @fxvalconspub1f2gwrlnagwf532vrq7dx8ftwas7z5c7yckawfw
 -- Minimum self delegation    :                            100 $FX
 --> Total delegations         :           1916219,96 $FX ( 15) - Avg:            127748,00 $FX
 ----> Team delegations        :           1916087,45 $FX (  7) - Avg:            273726,78 $FX
 ----> Third-party delegations :                32,61 $FX (  7) - Avg:                 4,66 $FX
 ----> Self delegations        :                99,90 $FX
 ********  Delegations  ********
 ----> 0001. Delegation        : @fx19ukzjkag6n4lqgejfu33046qc036rw76thgsqv (           569135,31 $FX) [Team]
 ----> 0002. Delegation        : @fx1lzjus804ufar37qulrwk5xva6f9h3p8wz47hs3 (           561938,26 $FX) [Team]
 ----> 0003. Delegation        : @fx15xtp30u054ndnf833jrq4kz4wpvn95zsh9399f (           327796,88 $FX) [Team]
 ----> 0004. Delegation        : @fx184k9x5dg822m252nyfwp3qgj0nt7eak0feq5wk (           294369,01 $FX) [Team]
 ----> 0005. Delegation        : @fx16p2uyfvepc28hqkjv8vz5nku4rqme2gzjj6trd (            73886,04 $FX) [Team]
 ----> 0006. Delegation        : @fx1rfmxx9cjq847x399k9aaajcqm8gdyc7ac82d37 (            53727,22 $FX) [Team]
 ----> 0007. Delegation        : @fx1xveyp5x8795803czs0d3hgg6jt4d26k7gvqan9 (            35234,73 $FX) [Team]
 ----> 0008. Delegation        : @fx1pa4mt67gk67l3ksgwatm56vfjze7y9226mu475 (               99,90 $FX) 
 ----> 0009. Delegation        : @fx15w5guu73nltfa4m7sks8gasrfrddgk9u33cs0s (               11,57 $FX) 
 ----> 0010. Delegation        : @fx15f32eyhaq70rna3zp5pga809la2hzn2fh9tfsq (                7,94 $FX) 
 ----> 0011. Delegation        : @fx1xz948l27z0jldh44t8cjmkclg4lg6zenlq8hmq (                6,67 $FX) 
 ----> 0012. Delegation        : @fx1fyw7gtjj8eytzpaacp54wjn44rmhm5tzyzy9sw (                4,51 $FX) 
 ----> 0013. Delegation        : @fx1d993jype28ghxu3qwcj3pen47ehgtr6kce2jaj (                1,00 $FX) 
 ----> 0014. Delegation        : @fx1e7aku6ukjjk560lnct9hdn24mu2mruulvj5ap0 (                0,59 $FX) 
 ----> 0015. Delegation        : @fx18tunkfrmnx39umjaz5lqeufs4kjw9hjjgglphp (                0,33 $FX)