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The whole point of sentry nodes is to relay information to your actual node.

So when someone tries to look for how your validator communicates; they will only see your sentry node and try to take it down. When they do this; another sentry node should take it’s place making it seem as if you changed your validators IP address.

but in reality you are just changing how the message gets from and to your validator.

This is an added level of security incase your Service Provider does not offer DDOS protection.


Fixed, seems dosent like uppercase

I’ve just made a Validator node as following with the support of my son. I’ve not been good at Ubuntu but he has plenty knowledge about it!

Name (Moniker) :AquillaX
Validator public address:fxvaloper1t28sjqjfg0zs9wuzpyu3m59c2g4jh6q6nck2w6
Twitter handle:@aquilla_x


@ClaudioxBarros @kenorb yes as @l4zyboi has correctly pointed out. right now our validator nodes have port 26656 which is the p2p port to the public. that way it opens it up to ddos attacks.

having a sentry node allow any queries to be directed at the sentry nodes instead of your validator nodes.

you may set up more than 1 sentry node in different regions to have an added layer of security.

more information on how to set it up can be found here. and obviously your sentry node must be created in a different machine compared to your validator node.

Thank you , that is good stuff. Have to make some changes :laughing:

Servers that already have DDos protection should be fine right?

so my private full node can have a usecase as sentry node right

yes you can. and this will still help you ensure an added layer against ddos attacks

CONGRATS! we will be tweeting about you soon! and welcome on board the :rocket: :rocket: :rocket:

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Created a private group for Validators on telegram

Feel free to join

Will increase company validator commission rate to 5% next week and that should bring some redelegation to public validators :slight_smile:


Awesome :muscle: :clap:

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Hey everyone !

I need help with configuring a node monitor.
Everything goes fine : I configured a monitor on a hardware (different than my node), setup my IP address, left default password.
But each time I open grafana’s “Fx Chain Dashboard”, all modules tell me “client_error : client error : 401”.

Thanks in advance !!

401 is an unauthorized error. It means you are typing your username and password wrong.

Should be username fx and password fxcore if it’s default.

On grafana it is username admin, password admin. Hope this helps.

Well, that’s what’s i entered and configured…

Name : Rock
Website: TBC
Validator public address: fxvaloper1jcwagrc7gxpsr3xhvtvwek4kyx3m7q858jxqec
Twitter: TBC

Name : Paper
Website: TBC
Validator public address: fxvaloper1h88fa2my5ns6ydpvzdjhtmjw4smz2zzd4eg7sv
Twitter: TBC

Name : Scissors
Website: TBC
Validator public address: fxvaloper1c4glwxgvs5vjx9j2w4ef7r4480cfs2dkv7h8u2
Twitter: TBC


Hi! I’m currently experiencing the same issue. Do we need a static IP address for these monitoring services?

is this just grafana? did you set the target’s ip correctly? and also you can add users in the grafana user page. server admin–>username. yes make sure you do not copy and paste your password. its a salt hash

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Yes you will need a static IP, but it can be replaced by a domain name. The nodes we provide externally are accessed through domain names

@Telchar very good plan. and fyi, kindly refer to the document f(x)cored Commands Documentation

You can also query all of the delegations to a particular validator:

fxcored query delegations-to <account_fxval>

Could we have in tutorial the really necessary ports we need to open in firewall?