f(x)Core Mainnet Validator General Discussion & Enquiries

Noted. will add that in soon

For the new comers, kindly let me know your twitter handle so we can post about it

@Fox_Coin just became a validator too.

Moniker: Fox
Twitter: https://twitter.com/officialfoxcoin
Telegram: @Loil - Fox Gaming
WebSite: www.officialfoxcoin.com

@Mdmdmd83 if the min self-delegation is 100FX, and you get slashed, youll be left with 99.9FX. even after unjailing, you will still be inactive until you self-delegate to ensure the requirement of min self-delegation of 100FX is met. Just take note of that

@l4zyboi @cop4200 i think you asked me how block proposers are selected and what algo we’re using?
you may find the answer here

essentially it’s based on a queue system that invovles adding a weight to a validator, selecting the highest weight of that round and subtracting the total weight of the system from the proposer


@cop4200 : your validator seems to be jailed !! You should take action ASAP.
fxcored tx slashing unjail --from YOUR-VALIDATOR-ADDRESS

@Richard , @zaccheah ,
Redelegation pace is not as good as some would expect.
Is there any plan to increase other team validators’ commission as well ?


Delegators won’t feel safe to redelegate unless there is extra information for us to see on the explorer’s validator page like an uptime for us to see or how many days the validator has been running for.

We are still in the early stages of main net so i think it is obvious that majority will still stick to company-hosted validators which has lesser risk. I’m saying this because after discussing with my friends, we decided to stick with company-hosted validator for the time being.

Do note all of us are Pundi X / FX holders since the beginning and we don’t want to risk our funds. Afterall, logical speaking, trust has to be earned first before investors will let the public handle their monies.

We will gladly support public validators but first, we have to see if they can maintain servers 24/7 consistently for a certain period which is a valid concern.

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Hey @SCENE !

It seems impossible at that stage to show uptime from a centralized page, unless each validator gives access to its validator’s RPC API to a centralized party. I wouldn’t feel comfortable opening this port to outsiders though ! Then only thing I can do is to communicate my “missed” blocks from time to time on Twitter, but that’s purely declarative.
There must be a way to compute it other than thru RPC API, but I didn’t find any…

Hmm, i didn’t know that it isn’t possible to show uptime. Thank you for pointing that out!

From what i see everyday from the transactions, people are slowly redelegating their tokens to other public validators.

I guess it will take some time for trust to be built up before the rest of the herd will follow. Eventually, it will get even out i guess, it just takes time.


Proposed a block 17 minutes ago; What are you talking about?

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Hello, our validator is active. It was never jailed. Where did you see it was jailed?

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Sorry, but after checking, you had another node on the mainnet, named “Alif”, which was marked as jailed.
It seems like a former unused node.
You should “edit” it to mark it as “permanently inactive” or something like that.
Please note that it was never my intention to harm you or anything like that, but just to make sure you took quick action.


      max_change_rate: "0.010000000000000000"
      max_rate: "0.200000000000000000"
      rate: "0.009500000000000000"
    update_time: "2021-11-25T08:06:41.943405331Z"
    '@type': /cosmos.crypto.ed25519.PubKey
    key: 7NdAvD4wUeTDzAI59/1ztdlnZVK7BGpaOc+GTEX4YHc=
  delegator_shares: "0.000000000000000000"
    details: Alif- A publicly hosted f(x)core validator! By the people for the people!
    identity: ""
    moniker: Alif
    security_contact: ""
    website: https://functionx.io
  jailed: true
  min_self_delegation: "100000000000000000000"
  operator_address: fxvaloper18fgf79wgudvg2xz9kdqa2u6z88qmqpvw28eym5
  tokens: "0"
  unbonding_height: "2285438"
  unbonding_time: "2021-12-17T06:11:30.366655341Z"

hi :wave: One question, in tendermint tutorial, sentry node should have pex=true.
so all validatores and node can connect to it right? i see 36 peers on one of then :laughing:

It’s right Claudio.
If pex=true, the P2P protocol connects to any existing node.

Another question : within 5 months, the FxCore blockchain already reached ~50 GB, with few transactions compared to what someone might expect in the future. Is it safe to say that mainnet validators should forecast fast increasing data storage ?
I’ll wait a year to see, but I don’t know how fast it’s increasing compared to block size.

Already though about it, with more use will increase very fast, need to wait to see, for now have 1.6TB available, just in case

Just got a validator up and running here in Calgary.
Moniker: paf_yyc_ca
Validator Pub Addy: fxvaloper1evpmc2je2mmvad3pukyre0xw37y0cdr5pqptke
Twitter: personal is @fudgeyp - validator is TBD
Telegram: @peteyg
WebSite: Just purchased the domain, pafyycca.io


Welcome aboard the :rocket: :rocket:. If it is ok with you, we will be tweeting about you using this handle @fudgeyp