f(x)Core Mainnet Validator Updates

There will be a live upgrade on the testnet very soon and for those who have used your servers to spin up mainnet validators instead, try to spin up a validator node on testnet so you can try with live upgrades.


im stuck somewhere setting a validator. Can someone help me via telegram?

hello Rich and everyone

when we want to run fxcored node from binary file that have step like “fxcored init fx-zakir”. should i change and replace fx-zakir to another string that will my moniker such as tokocyrpt (for example word of my moniker) ?

or i have to execute “fxcored init fx-zakir” before run fxcored node ?

Thank you

thats the command to inicialize , nothing to change

Thank you for information Claudio

The community has spoken and we have listened. Therefore, we will be increasing the commission rate of the top 5 validators to 5%.


  1. By increasing the top 5 validators to 5%, this will hopefully change the dynamics of delegations in the ecosystem and result in the outflow of delegations from validators with higher commission rate to those with lower commission rate. We hope that in doing so, delegations to the top 5 validators will redelegate some of their FX to public validators.
  2. This increment will also give existing validators a chance to increase their own commission rate.


  • We plan to do this in stages because of parameter limits ie maxratechange parameter is only 1% per day.
  • And also we want to monitor if there are any drastic changes to the ecosystem especially with regards to the outflow of money from the network so we will slowly increase the commission rate to 5% by next weekend if there are no drastic changes to the network.

Message to public validators:

  • This of course comes as great news but also do take note that we want to promote the correct behaviour in that we want each validator to be secure and stable. The narrative has not changed and our goal is still network security and decentralization.

  • I do implore any new public validators to try setting up on the testnet first before deploying a validator on the mainnet. This will ensure you know how to do the setup, test out certain commands and features. There will be support and help.

  • For existing validators, do yourselves a favour and promote your validator. Provide more transparency like how you monitor your nodes, what is your track record, do you have any programming background (better still if you have a Github as stacked as @kenob), implement and show how you will reward delegators who have staked with you for a long period of time, implement and show how you have contingency plans in case your validator runs into some down time

  • Additionally for those who have gone through the testnet phase with me and would like my endorsement, kindly let me know where and how and I will do it

  • This is a perfect competition market, we can do what we can from our side, but we want you to set up secure nodes with contingency plans and ways to incentivize your delegators to join you!


Awesome. True decentralization on the way. Just redelegated my stash into public validators.

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What do you mean as ‘endorsement’ ?

you may market and promote your validator node however you want. you can come up with innovative incentive programmes, or you can showcase your security. or to showcase your governance. for now i see most of you just have a twitter handle linked for the webpage.

you can create your own custom web profile, maybe create an avatar or something or link it to a validator resume page and show what youve accomplished like gone through testnet phase (if its on social media i can help you confirm this), set up validator monitoring device… its really up to you and youre only limited by your own imagination :smiley:

so be creative and have fun and see how you can attract more delegators!

Good idea, showcasing their security.

Like an example, a real-life video of their setups, how they organize them, their backups, etc on Twitter or Forum.

Basically showing reassurance to delegators and future hodlers.

New proposal: Making f(x)Core EVM compatible for Testnet

The process will be as such:

  • The team will initiate a proposal on 9 DEC 2021 at 11:00am (GMT+8).
  • For Testnet, the proposal voting period is 48 hours.
  • By the end of the voting period, a tutorial on how to upgrade your nodes to be EVM compatible will be up
  • The nodes will need to complete upgrading by 13 DEC 2021, 10:00am (GMT+8) i.e. block height 408000
  • There will be another proposal on 13 DEC 2021, 10:00am (GMT+8) to confirm this change and to initialize EVM compatibility.
  • The nodes who have not upgraded by then will not be part of the consensus and if your validator node experiences too long a downtime, it will be jailed and slashed (more on this you may refer to hereWhat are the slashing conditions?”)
  • This entire process will be very similar to how an upgrade will be on the Mainnet so do try it out on Testnet!

just to let you know, the first governance for an upgrade in code is optional. i’d like to hear your thoughts on this

Does this mean if voting goes well, this could be ready to launch and used around the end of the year?

Great. Would you publish a detailed guide to upgrade test node ?

Update: New Tutorial Document
Hi Everyone, do checkout the latest guide on EVM Upgrade Tutorial

I have published the guide, as for how detailed it is, ill leave it to you to decide :smiley: you may give me a score from 1-5, (5 being the most detailed) and any fraction in between :innocent:

I tried, but must have done something wrong, only get error returned when trying any fxcored commands

I think it will be nice if fxwallet have costumize themes

Hello Richard and everyone

how can i change logo on my validator ?
is that available for change logo?

Thank you

Updates 10 Dec 21

  • Grafana security notice: Grafana is vulnerable to directory traversal, allowing access to local files. More information can be found in the the release notes.

  • I have added in a guide in the Node Monitoring Device tutorial under the section "Updating Node Monitoring Services"

  • The top 5 validators have increased their commission rate to 5%

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