f(x)Core Mainnet Validator Updates


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Streaming money from my wallet to another friend’s wallet.

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For information:


Updates Monday, January 4, 2022

Happy new year everyone!


  • I have added in an ERC20 tutorial in the Remix Tutorial. It should be as easy as opening up Remix in your browser, configuring metamask, copying the sample contract and minting your own tokens!

  • Made some minor edits, especially to the calculation of distribution of fees and additional comments for min-self delegation editing

Internal Validators

  • We will be increasing internal validator’s commission rate to 5% starting Tuesday 4th January 2022 (yes its already the new year so remember to use 2022 when you sign off on anything :blush:

Just to clarify, so every company validator will be 5% in the coming days?

Hi everyone !

Just for the record and transparency, the 3 random-numbers for June 2022’s FrenchXCore-1 delegators’ lottery draw (Twitter link) is available encrypted here.

The prize is 50 % of all commission fees attributed to FrenchXCore-1 from Feb 1st until the first lottery draw in june.

Cumulated commission fees will be computed on February 1st and displayed using the following command fxcored query distribution commission fxvaloper1z67rkadwrp2nf4zwxpktpqnw969plelyjj5alt ==> amount * 10e-18

  • 1st winner (row 1) : 50 % of the prize
  • 2nd and 3rd winners (rows 2-3) : 25% each of the prize

The password will be communicated along with the lottery draw happening any day during june.

The winners selection formula applied will be : delegator at index = floor(random number * number of delegators)

The list of delegators will be generated using with the following command : fxcored query staking delegations-to fxvaloper1z67rkadwrp2nf4zwxpktpqnw969plelyjj5alt, first delegator being delegator index 0.

Thanks !


Updates Tuesday, January 5, 2022

  • Increasing Internal Validator Commission to 5% starting from today official tweet.

  • I have made some changes to the gitbook with regards to the Testnet faucet

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Hi everyone!

small update for FxWorld validator:
self bonded fx amount increased from 3000Fx to 20000Fx


I also raised my self bond to 4000FX. Will raise a little more when my delegated fx be available. (21Days)


Yes, with the exception of “Singapore” which will be increased to 10%.

@ClaudioxBarros @FxWorldValidator :muscle:t2::muscle:t2::muscle:t2:


We have lift-off!
We have reached 50/50 validators for f(x)Core!

With Daoverse and Litecoin foundation joining us as validators, we will have 50/50 validators.

However, this does not mean that you cannot join us as validators. The active validator set is determined solely by the ranking of the total amount staked. The 50 validators with the most total staked are the ones who are designated as active validators . If a validator’s total stake falls below the top 50 then that validator loses their validator privileges: they don’t participate in consensus and generate rewards any more. Over time, the maximum number of validators may increase via on-chain governance proposal. More information can be found here. And additionally the different states that a validator can be in.

As it stands now, we have a few validators that have only about 100FX staked in total. That shouldn’t be difficult to squeeze off the active validator list.


Updates 10-1-22

Internal validator commission rates (for more information):

  1. Singapore’s validator commission rate has been increased to 10%
  2. All other internal validator’s commission rates have been increased to 5%

Validator Logos item #3 in the public monday board

  • One way of changing your validator Logo is by editing the --identity field for your validator. But there are limitations to how much data or how big your logo can store.

  • Additionally, you could send me a private message with your details and i will help you upload it into our front-end. This data WILL NOT BE WRITTEN ON CHAIN.

  1. .png file format
  2. name as “logo” so it will be logo.png
  3. file size to be no larger than 2MB
  4. recommended image size is 800*800
  5. additional details to provide: your validator’s moniker and corresponding validator address

New validator
Welcome LuckyFX!
Additionally, if possible, we would like to have your email to have more avenues of disseminating information.

Information dissemination:
For tracking purposes, i would like to reach out to @RockPool @SmallFort and also the validator “Cogni”. I would like your twitter account and your email account (an additional way of disseminating information).


EA’s validator got identity set from the start which is pointing to the 360x360 JPEG logo (79kB), but Explorer doesn’t load it. This method should still work? Because currently it doesn’t. So do I have to still send you a logo, or setting up identity should be enough (assuming logo is within the required size).

I would like to put my logo. Thanks

ClaudioメBarros :portugal: - fxvaloper1umj9xqdv7q2quvtks8j66mwrj9wcfqp4486qgn



Here is the 800x800 size logo
and our validator address is

Thank you


ok will look into this. additionally, we will take a look at your other request as well:

Btw. It would be good if contact field was used for URLs as well, not e-mail (like social links or Telegram). So without “mailto:” prefix on the Explorer site (“mailto:” can result in lots of spam if it’s in plain text)

With regards to the logo, for now we will only be doing it the other way of uploading it on the front end without writing it to chain. if you dont mind sending over your logo

Updates 11-1-21

I have received logos for the following validators:

  • Daoverse
  • Superbit
  • 212th FX Battalion
  • Fox
  • ClaudioxBarros

still looking forward to a couple of you @kenorb @Mdmdmd83 @cop4200 @Bernando @SmallFort @peteyg @AquillaX and Cogni and luckyFX if anyone knows how to get a hold of these 2.

New Proposal!
We have a new proposal from DAOverse! do check it out!

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i would like to put our logo. Thank you
our name validator is Nobi and our address is fxvaloper1drrh5nhcn40x827j8rgx9kg9f5nftut63hnz2s

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Here is our brand new logo.
Validator Address is
Thanks a lot.

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