f(x)Core Testnet with EVM

Hi all,

I have created a simple smart contract for you to interact with, come and wave at me and possibly get 0.5 TESTNET FX :joy:.

https://wave-place.magicoctopusx.repl.co/ :wave:t3:

Testnet faucet is here.

Add the testnet network to your metamask to interact with it!
Network Name: FX-Testnet
New RPC URL: https://testnet-fx-json-web3.functionx.io:8545
Chain ID: 90001
Currency Symbol: FX
Block Explorer URL: https://testnet-fxscan.functionx.io/


Hi @magicOctopus !
Is there any chance we could access your smart contract code somewhere ?

Other question to anybody:
Are there any performance indication related to nodeโ€™s workload with EVM implemented ? (more RAM, etc.)


testnet so far is normal, no bugs and I havenโ€™t encountered any problems. to swap, add liquidity, to remove, run quickly and successfully. looks like itโ€™s ready for launch. my address : 0x37e406f6f13c69f2ef35b8E8a5f2F06eEE7D6fA7