F(x) Core validator node setup on f(x)Core Testnet

Updates 17 Jan 22

  • We have added in a gitbook tutorial guide for metamask for EVM
  • With the rest of the guides like using Remix or truffle and hardhat, you will be able to deploy your own smart contracts and ERC20 tokens. You can give the Remix tutorial a go and mint your own ERC20 tokens.

Hi guys,
I want to make a validator node but now the spots are full. Can someone tell me if it’s ok to create it now or wait until the spots reach the new 100 limit? I really want to get a spot next time and it doesn’t matter if I have to run it for a period without getting any rewards.

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more can be created, the stronger 50 get to be validating blocks, there are some team nodes there if you see still have very little delegations, if you set up a node and have more delegations the lowest one will just become inactive, the team won’t mind it brings on more decentralisation.


One of the validators is retiring due to personal and a career change, and he won’t be able to maintain with his new job. So to add to your clear info, he will be amongst the 50 validators and can build up slowly.

Also note once the validators node reaches 100fx its in active state, meaning creating blocks, only then not before. The minimum fx needed to start the node is only 100fx self bonded.


Thanks! I didn’t had that information. I will start tomorrow.


To reiterate what @LKYBOB and @Superbit123 have mentioned.

  1. you need to self-delegate 100FX for your validator
    more information on the states of validators and the conditions can be found here.
  1. The active validator set is determined solely by the ranking of the total amount staked. The 50 validators with the most total staked are the ones who are designated as active validators . If a validator’s total stake falls below the top 50 then that validator loses their validator privileges: they don’t participate in consensus and generate rewards any more. Over time, the maximum number of validators may increase via on-chain governance proposal. More info on that can be found here.

so essentially as long as you have more total staked compared to this last guy on the list here you will be in the active validator set. (you will need just 10FX more on top of what is needed for self-delegated stake).

im also assuming this question is for mainnet. you can direct future questions for general enquiries, updates, tech support.


Thanks man! I’m preparing the O.S right now, if I have any problem I’ll check the links.

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Hi, if you have telegram, please contact me to send you validator telegram group link. Welcome :muscle:


after running docker by

sudo docker run --name fxcore -d --restart=always -p 26656:26656 -p 26657:26657 -p 1317:1317 -p 26660:26660 -v $HOME/.fxcore:/root/.fxcore functionx/fx-core:dhobyghaut-1.2 start, I still get this information
“sync_info”: {
“latest_block_hash”: “”,
“latest_app_hash”: “”,
“latest_block_height”: “0”,
“latest_block_time”: “1970-01-01T00:00:00Z”,
“earliest_block_hash”: “”,
“earliest_app_hash”: “”,
“earliest_block_height”: “0”,
“earliest_block_time”: “1970-01-01T00:00:00Z”,
“catching_up”: true

What’s the wrong?

hi @dlin you have upgraded your code , it seems. You just have to wait til tommorrow, Tuesday (24 May), for the evm(new update) to get initiated , then your node will starting syncing the new blocks.

could you check your fxcored version and network?

The command fxcored version should return you :

hi all, for those who have validators setup on testnet(dhobyghaut).
There are still four that have not recovered and have started missing blocks after the evm upgrade.

:bar_chart: EA :robot: 31337 :chart_with_upwards_trend: Function X Explorer
Nammy Function X Explorer
„Unknown ” Function X Explorer
Alif-TestNet Function X Explorer

Kindly check and do reach out here if there’s any technical difficulties.


Sorry for the late response. It seems that our validator is jailed like you said. I tried to do the update process but it resulted in no actual update being done.

We had done the first EVM update. Missed second, and now when we went to do third it was not working.

So now we’re working on recovering the testnet node. Lets see how it goes.

EA and Nammy validators have been upgraded now and they’re up and running.

I’ve reported couple of bugs at GitHub with few issues which I’ve discovered.


Anyone know what the Algo used for the keys was back in the day? default is now eth_secp256k1

I even tried secp256k1…

anyone know?


fxcored keys add <fx_key_name> --algo secp256k1 --coin-type 118

yeah that worked with ofcourse --recover in the mix.

Alright !!! For everyone who needs to upgrade its TESTNET FxCore binaries over Linux AMD64, assuming your current user is Linux superuser (don’t type in the row numbers) :
→ Rows 01-02 install latest GoLang version 1.18.3) and row 03 allows you to check Go v1.18.3’s correctly running
→ Rows 04-11 update fxcore to latest v2.0.x testnet version
→ Row 12 should show testnet/v2.0.x-b0f3eaee6192734caf46d24c7c69ba07f6a6103b
→ Row 13 runs the service.

  1. wget https://go.dev/dl/go1.18.3.linux-amd64.tar.gz
  2. rm -rf /usr/local/go && tar -C /usr/local -xzf go1.18.3.linux-amd64.tar.gz
  3. go version
  4. cd ~/fx-core
  5. git pull
  6. git checkout testnet/v2.0.x
  7. make go.sum
  8. make install-testnet
  9. wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/FunctionX/fx-core/testnet/v2.0.x/public/testnet/genesis.json -O ~/.fxcore/config/genesis.json
  10. wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/FunctionX/fx-core/testnet/v2.0.x/public/testnet/config.toml -O ~/.fxcore/config/config.toml
  11. wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/FunctionX/fx-core/testnet/v2.0.x/public/testnet//app.toml -O ~/.fxcore/config/app.toml
  12. fxcored version
  13. systemctl start fxcored

Waiting for Testnet explorer online to match the current new version… :wink:


How did the Testnet upgrade experience go? Hope it went well for our validator friends :slight_smile: