f(x)Variable Public Alpha Program Now Available

Maybe a way for my home Time. i see just the (GMT+8). Please option for change this.
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i found the way to change this :sweat_smile: :rofl:

  • Not enough purchases / sales on the market
    -Set up synchronization with the wallet
    -The labels and lines you set are not saved on the chart
  • No display of position\stop\take directly on the chart
    -Separate spot and margin trading so that they are in separate tabs.
    -Make a display of commission per trade
    -I really like that the assets are on the wallet, and not on the exchange.
    Develop success brothers to your team, we are with you
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i get this error when i want close order 100%


When i make 99% than works

You can find a summary of all your positions at the bottom left of the DEX trading page.

There is currently no way to view your trading assets/positions outside of the Variable webpage, but it’s a good idea. Thanks for sharing!

Other good alternative should be to operates in Variable directly in FX Wallet like we can do now with Uniswap. The aim should be to have all functions (delegation, governance voting, variable, swap, etc.) in the FX Wallet app.

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@Richard At the Cross-chain section in FX-Dex document can we possibly add this chart or similar prepared one to Dex router adjustments as it shows every clearly the relay checker and security mechanism given to avoid flood attacks or flushing.

This is currently in the works. Thanks for the feedback!


Still ongoing with tests. no complain so far.

It should be nice to click in one of the open positions and that the web app jumps directly to the pair related to that position to check the graphs and order book.

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There is a pretty glaring typo from a I assume copy paste in the gitbook.

We definitely don’t need atoms for proposals…


Maybe they could, if not too much trouble to send out an update to existing Christmas wallet. Because maybe some are being lazy or just not up to date with what’s going, a new auto update could drive more testers, along with an in-app notification pop up, regarding the alpha request and the rewards attached.

The more testers and devices used, the bigger the sample size of finding bugs and reducing launch time.

PS I haven’t started yet. I will do very soon.

Also maybe seeing the number of app downloaded could be useful datas. I wouldn’t mind knowing if this auto update were to be made, and then the team could see if any impact of number of users differing.

As you can tell from the top left of the graphing section, the graph shown is AAPL/USDT due to a delay in loading in that section of the screen. Just refresh and the issue should go away.

after 4-5 transactions, I get the error
For continue trading I need reload the page

Browser: Google Chrome (Mac OS)
Phone: Iphone 12 Pro

This is my feedback after 2 days of testing:

  1. I don’t like to confirm every transaction via phone
  2. There is no sale and purchase by market
  3. Sometimes quotes are not updated after a trading pair change
  4. there is no indicator of trading volume
  5. with a large number of transactions, an error pops up, 6-7 out of 10 transactions (see the picture above)

We are working on that right now. Thanks for your feedback!


1.- I assume that the intention with Fx Variable, in the end, is replace Uniswap or Pancake as DEX in Fx ecosystem by Fx Variable, right?

2.- For the next version of Fx Variable, is it expected to include pairs between coins of Fx ecosystem, for example, MATIC/BTC, BNB/ETH or whatever other? Also with pair between different Blockchains, right? To take advantage of FX Core cross-chain capabilities?

3.- Are you planning to evolve synthetic assets into real cryptos? I mean, currently, we can trade pairs like AAPL/USDT but in the end, if I am not wrong, the option is to open and close the position and try to increase USDT amount. But what if we would like to remain with AAPL position for example (once Fx Variable is in its final version) to have a portfolio with FX, PUNDIX & BTC but also with AAPL & AMZN?

Hey @Cryptogon13, thanks for the questions!

  1. There’s no intention to displace Uniswap (or any of the derivative AMMs). What we are building is a decentralized orderbook exchange that will serve as a flagship DEX on the f(x) ecosystem.
  2. We’re definitely looking to add more trading pairs in the pipeline. At this very moment, we are focusing on stock-based perps. What is your personal take on the type of assets you’d like to see in the future?
  3. If you’re talking about tokenizing these positions (like Synthetix), we currently have no such intention. Regardless, because perps don’t have a settlement date, you can hold these positions forever (theoretically). Just be mindful of the funding settlements :slightly_smiling_face:
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