f(x)Variable Public Alpha Program Prizes & Rewards


the positions tab only show 2 positions at a time, but there is no precise scrolling, i cant see some positions cause it stops halve-way the position, and i cant adjust it with a sidebar. this ocurs with 5+ positions

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hi guys are we the only one testing the trading in this platform, what’s the point of blocking the market up with buy and sell walls, how about creating more volatility so you can trade and experiment faster, like we want this out ASAP why lock up the trade, i’ll go find another stock to get some movement but I don’t understand your approach it’s just testing you can’t loose

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Rewards for trying to break the system and reach milestone testing and trading values mean no one is really going to put in the effort need to test this fully.

Getting anyone from outside of the ecosystem to join and test is a tall task. I’ve already had friends decline the effort because they dont feel the rewards for their time are enough.


I’m not doing this to earn money. My motivation is to get FunctionX to the next level. I find the reward a nice tip.It is important that we test the more we do and find bugs and new ideas that make us unique. The faster we can have FX DEX in the mainnet.
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Couldn’t agree more

It would be nice if the DEX is made as beginner friendly as possible. Newcomers to perpetual trades should be able to open/close a trade as quickly as possible.

It seems that we have to set a close price for every short/long order.

It would be nice if there way a way to quickly close position instead of having to set an adjusted amount to do so. Pretty confusing for someone who does spot trades. Also, this might make a novice trader lose a lot of money.

One other thing would be to have user guides implemented in the trading page like other exchanges do for new accounts. It points out what different buttons are there for.


We have
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1.- I assume that the intention with Fx Variable, in the end, is replace Uniswap or Pancake as DEX in Fx ecosystem by Fx Variable, right?

2.- For the next version of Fx Variable, is it expected to include pairs between coins of Fx ecosystem, for example, MATIC/BTC, BNB/ETH or whatever other? Also with pair between different Blockchains, right? To take advantage of FX Core cross-chain capabilities?

3.- Are you planning to evolve synthetic assets into real cryptos? I mean, currently, we can trade pairs like AAPL/USDT but in the end, if I am not wrong, the option is to open and close the position and try to increase USDT amount. But what if we would like to remain with AAPL position for example (once Fx Variable is in its final version) to have a portfolio with FX, PUNDIX & BTC but also with AAPL & AMZN?

Sorry, I meant the interactive ones that shows up in the UI.

When I first opened my binance account (back in 2018), there were interactive popups (like baloons) on the trading page that introduced different buttons to get people familiar with them.

The same happened when KUCoin updated their UI.

These exchanges provided a quick interactive user guide (I believe 7-steps or less, where all I had to do is press skip) quickly introduced me to the system (role of different buttons). I dont know if they do it for new users now but it was really helpful.


I really like your suggestion. This really makes our FunctionX Dex easy for everyone to use. Great :+1: :+1: :+1:
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Shorting TSLA

installed a wallet, then inserted the wallet address that starts with DEX … and mail, received a referral link and at the moment received an airdrop to my wallet. Then I connected the wallet on the phone with the f (x) Variable Alpha exchange on the computer and bought it. I am a regular FX holder and I managed to do everything myself, so I think that everything WORKS perfectly. Thanks to the team for the hard work!


I am also doing this to try and make the product better however, I don’t see the point of a token tip reward or referral program being implemented if there is not strong reason to compel others who are not in our ecosystem to go through the hassle.

Perhaps that sort of thing could be spun up for a round two pre- launch beta.

It is quite common for white hat rewards to equate to significant sums as it gives those with true coding talent a reason to invest their time.

Right now it’s a difficult ask for someone who has the talent trading to Not actually trade (losing income) and test something they are completely unfamiliar with that has a somewhat complex setup.


Open orders seems to be capped at max 10 while transactions does seem to go through on the wallet. I don’t know if it is intentional but shouldn’t fx transactions not take place when max (open) orders is reached.

i have more than 20 order without problem no limit inside

Please try restart with your browser

Its working now. I had to disconnect, clear browser cache and then reconnect.

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Got problem cancelling the position, the message reads ‘Please sign’, but nothing is shown in the wallet. This happens each time, the only workaround is to reconnect the wallet again.

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yes i have the same problem. just reconnect and browser refresh help

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Only problems I’ve had so far is I suck at trading :grin:

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