f(x)Wallet currently supports 4 additional languages. More languages are coming!

CZ on the importance of languages. In an interview to the question: “What is the secret of Binance’s success?”
CZ replied.
What he considers one of the main success factors of the Binance exchange is additional languages.


Half of the world speaks Russian, what’s the problem with giving a task for translation? Your Macs don’t have Cyrillic?

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Shit, didn’t know Russia invaded China… :wink:
Last time I worked for a French translation, I discussed preliminarily with pedro@pundix.com.
Try to contact him maybe…

We are here to be useful to the project.
Not for propaganda.
I am from Ukraine and the Russian language in the application is very important.
And We offer our assistance in translation!


Wow… I was just kidding about “half the World speaks russian”. I would mock anyone saying "half the World speaks any language". Even mandarin chinese is not spoken by half the world.
Didn’t mean to hurt anyone or do any “Propaganda”.
My advice is still valid though, to offer to translate…

BTW, did you write to Pedro, or @BlueStitch or @Judie ?

It’s just that “joke” that we hear 100 times a day!)
-Forgotten, let’s move on!) !)
Yes, I contacted not only on this issue. So far, there have been no assignments…

it’s cool Bro