FoxGaming Proposal our preview&discussion!

Our whitepaper 2.0 is much more detailed.
We are currently working on it and it will be published soon :slight_smile:


:fox_face::fire: Fox Validator Lottery :fire::fox_face:

We are close to 5,000,000 delegated FX​:fire::fox_face:!

Now it’s time to celebrate :tada: the decentralize afford from the Function X Foundation!

Help us reach the next milestone and participate on our Lottery!

The prize pool depends on the delegated FX on 31th March 2022!

10,000,000FX delegated =
5,000 FX🥇200,000FXG

7,500,000FX delegated =
2,500 FX🥇100,000FXG

6,000,000FX delegated =

Every delegator automatically participate in the lottery! :tada::tada:

Fox :fox_face: is not only a Validator!
We creating an NFT marketplace based on FX Chain!

Read & discuss our pre-proposal on FX Forum:

Join the :fox_face: Army !

Telegram: Contact @foxcoinholeofficialPreformatted text


Have you tried porting your NFT marketplace to FXCore testnet (EVM compatible) ?


@zaccheah hi zac :slight_smile:

Not yet. But we made it 100% EVM compatible so it is more or less copy&paste. Our Dev team will finish everything on Rinkeby Testnet and then porting it to other chains.

Our token got already tested on fx testnet. As soon as we can swap from bsc to fx we will do it as planned from the beginning.


:fire::fire:Game Alpha Tester :fire::fire:

We are looking for 15 alpha tester for our Trading Card Game!

You receive first outlooks from the game and you will actively testing the game on our printable alpha testing version! :fire::fire:


:white_check_mark:good english skills
:white_check_mark:willing to actively giving feedback
:white_check_mark:experience in TCG Games!

5🎟 tickets can be won in lottery!

5🎟 tickets will be chosen by the team!

5🎟 tickets will be granted exclusive to our seed investors!

:fox_face: can apply via:




Wow Fox coin already tested in fx core , that’s good


What about a FxCore TestNet EVM integration test phase first ?
Why would community fund a project developed on other chains as well ? What would be the benefit for FxCore ?
How do you decompose marketing funding ? 115k is a lot for just marketing…

For this proposal, we hesitate between a NO and an ABSTAIN for now.


@Mdmdmd83 hi easy answer we developed the idea in a phase at the end of the 2021 when fx testnet and mainnet wasn’t available. We always made clear once fx is ready with evm we move :slight_smile: we are currently integrating it to FX testnet. Since our marketplace is 100% evm compatible it is more or less copy paste so it doesn’t matter on which chain we start our development.

Can you make it fully clear the benefit to all FX core supporters will be getting, if the vote give’s you funding @Mdmdmd83 has a strong point that also concerns me as I don’t think the EGF was created for projects Launched outside the FX core eco system. I assume you’ll be launching your vote proposal once the token is fully intergraded on FX core or this may not go well.


Hi Lkybob,

Yes of course we launch our proposal once our coin and marketplace are both integrated on fx core. Otherwise it wouldn’t make sense :).

The most important usecase is the FEES people have to pay in FX when they make any transaction on our marketplace or move the coin. NFTS attraction a lot of people and investors.

Our marketplace allows artists minting their NFT on fx core and sell them directly.

One part of our marketing phase is to pay :moneybag: already know NFT artists to create a special version for FX on our chain. That will attract many people to the chain.

We don’t need super fancy usecase now…(not yet)!
FX has to catch up the already existing ones other chains have. Like an nft marketplace….


ok cool; so no Fox coin air drops planned for FX core supporters. is that correct

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i got air drop fox coin

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We had already one airdrop, but of course it could be an option to airdrop every FX wallet some coins if the proposal pass successfully.

Also im planing contribution program for our fox validator so you can earn FX and FXG if you delegate your tokens to :fox_face: FOX :fox_face: Validator

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just air drop to who voted yes

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That’s a good idea :fire::fox_face:

thanks for air drop fxg

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Hello Loil,

Once you have it up and running, video demos showing casing it (and maybe within a All hand meeting), would be great for all to see more closely.

Timing your proposal is key here imo too. I was thinking, maybe if it’s possible to reduce the funds requested for marketing (since this is the only major barrier I can see atm…not that I have issues with it and I am rooting for you).

I know you’ve been developing this for a while and your intentions has always been around fx, prior to all the latest fx developments.

I wanted to suggest something. Since fx is gaining more grounds with their developments, it’s just a matter of time before things kick off for fx. With this kick off of some sort, Fox will automatically get attention and free marketing.

So I’ve got some suggestions and questions trying to ensure you have the best chances.

  • What is TCG? I’ve not worked it out yet, but others may not go through the necessary steps.

  • Can we see a trade/game demo perhaps. The rise of the ten kingdoms…

  • How you want tap into the 370B nft market.

  • Perhaps outlined details of where the marketing budget is going to be spent and how. Since this is the biggest chunk of the whole proposal. Any reduction here will imo make it pass.

  • also in wallet voting could be approaching us soon, that could help those delegating with company validators.

  • your white paper v1, contains a lot of fox :fox_face: images, perhaps more screenshots of early trade demos or other info graphics could be more appealing.

  • the wp reiterated far too many times what is blockchain, nft, Immutability, etc etc. Perhaps a reduction would help.

  • Under features on your wp, it was written twice the same paragraphs, under headings “productive and efficient”. Also repeating on “no data lost and safe and secure” section.

  • A light paper could be very useful, and to the point.

  • more written breakdown details in general to the actual trade system could be good.

  • team credentials could help… Because exchanges don’t turn up from thin air :grinning: there’s a talent there that I think can be added on the full WP or even in the website…

If at fox gaming, you guys can think of an ingenious idea how to reuse the mission wagmi nfts, that might be awesome. It was fun while they lasted, but gathering dust now.

The game lore should be imo bundled with the main white paper.

The pros are good here, since fx needs a nft market place and you’ve spent a bit of capital already, which is entrusting for fx eco and holders.

I am aware marketing is always expensive, and the amount you asked for isn’t too much for it, but it also depends on the tier of marketing.

Final point I want to add, is that having PundiX token (if possible) on foxy, that might help everyone. Pundi can really use a use case for nfts and giving you another booster of supporters from there.

Regards SB


Do you have a full preview of your market place and it’s features? Is it unique or is it a copy of an existing nft marketplace?

It would be appropriate to showcase all your market place features before proposing to let investors know and understand what your product is.

For example, PundiX and FX motto was to ALWAYS build a finished product before they release it to the public.

Like their XPOS and BOB device that were pitched on stage few years back.


Hi FoxCoin Team

I joined your Telegram group and you have some really amazing games there. I have a few questions for you.

– Do you own these games? Have they been created from scratch or are you using templates? Just want to determine the originality. Will there be copyright issues in future?

– The white paper on your website mentions the following:
a) 1,000,000,000 Total Tokens
b) 2% sold at $.01
c) Unsold tokens burned

1)Can you tell us the exact number of coins in circulation at the moment.

  1. Are new coins being minted and what is the total circulation?

  2. There seems to be FXG rewarded for winning competitions on Telegram group. Where is this coming from?

  3. After doing some maths based on information you provided on the white paper, you seem to have already raised $200,000 from the first batch of investors. The total number of coins sold would have been 20 million. How has it reached approximately 118 millon (info from your website at 54% APY) in such such a short span of time? Can you be a little more transparent about your tokenomics please? How does playing games unlock coins (based on your telegram group)? Also, only a handful seems to be playing at the moment and it seems to have unlocked a huge amount of coins? What if thousands started playing, will it unlock billions of coins? Can you elaborate on the number please?

  4. Also, the creators of DAOVerse and Nammy could be recognized as they came out publicly and I would say that did build a lot of trust. Would you be willing to go public with your team so people know the faces behind the project?

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thanks that you joined the community!
No, these games are part of community entertainment :slight_smile:

  1. It’s clearly written on our homepage: 118,332,558 FXG

  2. No, we can`t mint new tokens by contract.

  3. It´s just for fun and the community to stay active.

  4. We are very very clear about tokenomics. I think there is some lag in knowledge from your side, I recommend making some more studies about crypto in general. The coins don´t get minted, they already exist and get distributed from the marketing wallet. Sorry, I can’t answer all your questions because some of them don’t even make sense. Our fixed number is around 118M and there won’t be more coins ever.

  5. I am public, always with my cam on hands-on meetings, and fully doxxed to the community via LinkedIn. Also, we are doing AMA always with cam on :).

I hope I could answer some of your questions and I am happy you are part of our community already :).

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