FunctionX Auto-Compounder : how-to

Hi everyone…

To follow on the recent announcement of FrenchXCore’s FX Auto-Compounder, you’ll find hereafter some instructions on what is required to run it and how to run it.

First, you’re gonna need to have a computer or VPS with Java (at least 17) installed. You’ll find the latest OpenJDK here for download.

Once Java is setup, you’re gonna need to download the FX AutoCompounder JAR with dependencies from our github. It is available here.

Scenario #1 - Windows user - JAR downloaded in D:\Autocompound
Run the following commands (to be adapted to your own folder):

  1. `d:’
  2. cd d:\Autocompound
  3. java -jar FxAutoCompounder-1.1.0-SNAPSHOT-jar-with-dependencies.jar enc
    This will allow you to encrypt your seedphrase with a password of your own.
  4. When required to enter a password (Enter root password [then press ENTER]:), setup a strong password (and note it somewhere safe) and press [ENTER]
  5. When required to enter a password (Enter root password again [then press ENTER]:), re-type your password and press [ENTER]
  6. When required to enter the value to encrypt (Enter value to encrypt [then press ENTER]:), copy and paste your seedphrase (all lowercase, words separated with a space), then press [ENTER]
  7. Copy in a text file the value after Encrypted value is :
    This is an version of your seedphrase encrypted using AES256 algorithm and your password.
  8. If you want to AutoCompound for multiple accounts (different seedphrases), repeat steps 3-7 with the other seedphrases.
  9. From there, you will be able to run the FX AutoCompounder without having to type your seedphrase anymore. To know all options, just run java -jar FxAutoCompounder-1.1.0-SNAPSHOT-jar-with-dependencies.jar ac
  10. If you want to simply autocompound for a single delegator, just run java -jar FXAutoCompounder.jar ac -d *YOUR-FX-DELEGATOR-ADDRESS* -s *YOUR-ENCRYPTED-SEEDPHRASE*

Scenario #2 - Linux user - JAR downloaded in /home/ubuntu/
Same as above, but replace steps 1-2 with :

  1. `cd /home/ubuntu’


Edit 30/JUL/2022: update to v1.1.0 containing minor bug corrections and fitting 2022/07 FXCore mainnet v2.2.1.


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If this were to become a DApp, I think it will be a very popular one.


Working on it !!! :wink: