Fx-evm mainnet

FX-EVM Mainnet Proposal #10

What is FX-EVM?
Essentially it supports EVM logic and all the functionalities of EVM.
EVM compatibility enables smart contracts and hence a whole host of dApps in the areas of DeFi, GameFi, NFTs and many more. More information on features and functionalities and changes released with EVM can be found here. (Do note, these features will soon be available on Mainnet if the proposal passes).

Plan for Governance Proposal and upgrade process for validators

  1. Governance proposal will be ready at 6.30pm (GMT+8), Today 29 June 2022.
  2. After 14 days of voting, proposal will end on 13 July 2022 6.30pm (GMT+ 8)
  3. If it passes, the upgrade height is set at 5,713,000 which should occur approximately at July 16th, 2022 at 12:00:00 UTC or 8pm (GMT+8)
  4. Validators will have from the upgrade height on 16 July 2022 8pm (GMT+8) to about 17 July 2022 11pm (GMT+8) to upgrade their validator nodes (20,000 blocks or ~27.7 hours). More information can be found here.
  5. When more than 2/3 of the network upgrades from the upgrade height, the chain will start producing blocks with the new code and it will be EVM compatible
    More on upgrading details on the release note and changelog.

What will EVM mean for the community? And what to expect?
As mentioned earlier, the enablement of smart contracts, and a whole host of dApps like will be coming your way:

Additional information for Validators
Previous method i.e. Hard fork

The code after the upgrade is backward compatible, so the node can (and needs to be) upgraded before the upgrade height, and when the upgrade height is reached, the node will automatically switch to the new logic.

Current method i.e. Software Proposal upgrade:

After the upgrade proposal is passed, we need to wait for the block height to reach the upgrade height set in the proposal. We cannot use the new program to update the node in advance, because the code after the upgrade is not backward compatible. So when the upgrade height is reached, all the nodes will stop producing blocks, and will print a log “ERR UPGRADE” Upgrade proposal plan name “Needed at height: Upgrade proposal sets the height…”, and then we can use the latest program to upgrade the nodes.



Voted “yes” with validator node DAOverse :white_check_mark:

Looking forward for the implementation :white_check_mark:


Looking forward to building a dapp on it


Alif voted Yes: https://twitter.com/alif_fx/status/1542431009928790017?t=rIliw3EoHLHXpb3zkrRpqw&s=19



Dear Validators,

I have added a document on the upgrade instructions. it covers amongst other things:

  1. rollback instructions
  2. feature changes/upgrades
  3. important information like EVM chain-id
  4. how to prepare for the upgrade
  5. potential risk factors

Do have a look and familiarise yourselves with the content so you know when and how to upgrade and what to do in the event where there are critical issues with the upgrade.


AquillaX has already voted YES:https://twitter.com/aquilla_x/status/1542132022591643648?s=21&t=zKxfcGBEWq_KsU2nMJJ7JQ


T is Done !


Really we need 51%…with YES

Imagine 200M Fx with NOT last day lol


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Yep, but let’s say it’s statistically not gonna happen now… :rofl: :rofl:


nexus voted yes!! looking forward to EVM!!


There is a new testnet upgrade practice tutorial

for the validators who did not get a chance to do so and want to give it a try prior to the mainnet upgrade. You could just buy a pay-as-you-go cloud instance and then run through the upgrade tutorial.





f(x)Core Update 20220711: f(x)Core Mainnet Upgrade Emergency Release: V2.1.0 Aborted. V2.1.1 Released

f(x)Core mainnet upgrade V2.1.0 was aborted due to unexpected contradictions with working-on updates. V2.1.1 was released to continue the fxv2 upgrade proposed to take place at height 5,713,000.

Please use V2.1.1 to upgrade instead of V2.1.0


** Big day today for fxcore and the FunctionX ecosystem!**

EVM upgrade for fxcore will commence around 8pm (GMT+8) at block height 5,713,000. You may monitor the blocks here.

Once 2/3 of the network upgrades, fxcore will start producing blocks as an EVM compatible chain. For more information on the upgrade you may find it here.

This unlocks the possibility of defi and gamefi apps, nfts and many more.

Just want to make sure everyone knows what to do for the upgrade. This is the guide to follow :bangbang: :exclamation: @Aravan

The fxcored network command will be deprecated in v2.1.1 @nexus.

Don’t forget to refresh your gitbook page just in case you’ve missed a few updates.

And if you’re running using daemon, please check if the path specified is pointing to the where the new fxcore binaries is compiled to.


List of upgraded validators:

1 :white_check_mark: “Singapore”
2 :white_check_mark: “Litecoin Foundation”
3 :white_check_mark: “Miami”
4 :white_check_mark: “SoPaulo”
5 :white_check_mark: “Blindgotchi”
6 :white_check_mark: “NewYork”
7 :white_check_mark: “Blockchain Collaborative Consortium”
8 :white_check_mark: “Asosiasi Blockchain Indonesia”
9 :white_check_mark: “Istanbul”
10 :white_check_mark: “Madrid”
11 :white_check_mark: “Montreal”
12 :white_check_mark: “Taipei”
13 :white_check_mark: “Amsterdam”
14 :white_check_mark: “Tokyo”
15 :white_check_mark: “European University Cyprus”
16 :white_check_mark::man_mage: World of FX Wizards :woman_mage:
17 :white_check_mark: “London”
18 :white_check_mark: “nexus”
19 :white_check_mark: “Dubai”
10 :white_check_mark: “Seoul”
21 :white_check_mark::sunny:ⓧ FrenchメCore-1 ⓧ:sunny:”
22 :white_check_mark: “Delhi”
23 :heavy_multiplication_x: “DAOverse”
24 :white_check_mark: “Shenzhen”
25 :heavy_multiplication_x:null “Superbit123”
26 :heavy_multiplication_x:null “LuckyFX”
27 :white_check_mark: “Innsbruck”
28 :white_check_mark: “Bucharest”
29 :heavy_multiplication_x:null "¶
30 :white_check_mark: “ChiangMai”
31 :heavy_multiplication_x:null “[FxWorld] :rainbow:Let’s be the rain of humanity​:pray:”
32 :heavy_multiplication_x:null “Alif”
33 :heavy_multiplication_x:null “NOBI”
34 :heavy_multiplication_x:null “212th FX Battalion”
35 :heavy_multiplication_x:null “ClaudioメBarros :portugal: :ukraine:
36 :heavy_multiplication_x:null “Paper”
37 :heavy_multiplication_x:null “Nammy​:computer:”
38 :heavy_multiplication_x:null “Scale Moment Group”
39 :heavy_multiplication_x:null “Cogni​:brain:”
40 :heavy_multiplication_x:null “AquillaX”
41 :heavy_multiplication_x:null “:bar_chart:EA​:robot:31337​:chart_with_upwards_trend:”
42 :heavy_multiplication_x:null “paf_yyc_ca”
43 :white_check_mark: “SmallFort”
44 :white_check_mark:Dapp.com
45 :heavy_multiplication_x:null “Scissors”
46 :heavy_multiplication_x:null “Rock”
47 :white_check_mark: “Cyprus”
48 :heavy_multiplication_x:null “:waning_gibbous_moon::rocket:Moonbase”
49 :heavy_multiplication_x:null “blocktempo”
50 :white_check_mark: “Jakarta”


there are transactions lost on the mainnet delayed or invisible in web explorer

Just wanted to thank the team for the excellent support during the mainnet upgrade !!!
Keep up the good work…



@Ardent @Bernando @peteyg dont forget to upgrade your nodes!

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