FXSwap on EVM Testnet (also reward for testers)

good experience in testnet, simple ui and easy view website, i have done tried all function so far and has no problem.

very low slipage transact 20 fx to wfx. I still get 20. The display is very simple, similar to Uniswap. but the transaction speed is a bit slow please speed it up. 0xbA5e3d707F4797C3bF07fDb90B3a17eaC8040f08

just finished all tasks with fast response


easy to use and simple UI but not boring. At first glance it looks the same as any other DEX, so I had no trouble the first time I tried it.

for bugs I didn’t find it. but I noticed when a transaction is pending, and I want to make another transaction there will always be an error notification.

the last thing I like. The website is already supported by dark and light themes. this is sometimes needed for some people. for now there is no shortage. and thank you

In my case i can’t load my balance

faucet tokens not representing in my wallet. it takes a long time.

I got tokens from faucet but not seen in swap menu. therefore I can not swap any transaction.

my balance not show up on ur web so lagged waiting for 30 minutes but still cant showing my balance and cant swap and do anything

fast, diversified transactions, users can receive transaction fee subsidies during the transaction process.
With an emphasis on scalability, flexibility and versatility, I expect sufficient liquidity across the full spectrum of DeFi networks and scaling solutions. helps LPs and market makers to centralize their assets and provide strong liquidity without heavy capital requirements. A wide range of unlicensed liquidity products and solutions are available, and I hope future innovatively combines the different advantages of various basic public chains, and creates a well-rounded and composite DEX ecosystem with high performance. The “dual mining” mechanism of liquidity mining and transaction mining brings greater returns to the participants, and the transaction fee “repurchase and burn” mechanism realizes a closed and self-driven loop for value capture

MY Wallet Metamask :point_down:


And Super-fast speeds, near-zero costs, and a human-centered design. All in one DEX and exchange tokens with minimal transaction fees and lower latency than any other DEX, while knowing we are getting fair prices. this is better for the future,

My wallet Metamask


Thank you everyone for the support, we are overwhelmed!

Also just to be clear, we are not giving out rewards to everyone, it’s meant for people that hunt down bugs / usability issues / meaningful suggestions.


QoL Suggestion:

  • Mini Refresh Button

Refresh Icon on top - sometimes when you’ve just connected or just did a trade, your balance may not be updated immediately on the swap.

Users have to manually refresh the whole page which is an issue if time is of the essence especially when a new token just got listed and users are rushing to swap.


This picture is after I’ve just connected, it “sometimes” doesn’t show your balance until you manually refresh the page. This happens to every DEX actually.

Pancakeswap addressed this problem by putting a mini refresh icon at the top so people don’t have to manually refresh the whole page because some users have bad network and refreshing takes time.

The Mini Refresh Button has 2 functions:

  • Auto refresh every 5 seconds
  • Manual click to refresh instantly

The refresh button is mainly to update the price but we need a refresh button to update our balance. Even better if it refreshes both the price and our balance.

It saves users time because users don’t have to reload the whole page and reloading takes time. This mini refresh button makes the UX way better.

https://fx-swap.io/#/swap loading balance is too slow

Why I cant trade anything?
my address 0xBfd76fD43Cc095C05171f38E8144343aD8ba0e3a

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testnet its not working enymore?

testnet end?

fxswap cant read our balance on wallet

I found a problem. when i change the networks fx balance showing there
I have 58 fx in fx network when i change eth network balance 58 eth.
I feel rich🤣

in my device web lag sir , web smooth and over all no issue


1.After the add liquidity is approved, there is no display that the liquidity was added.

  1. Please explain the function of the various tokens in the faucet link, while the one used on the testnet link is only A&B.

  2. Transactions often fail, even though the network is very stable. Please fix it before the mainnet is launched. Thank you!

It was really cool experience.
User friendly interfaces and very simple. I have tried all function and i like is the speed of swap and add liquidity, it’s so fast than other platform i use, all the features like swap, liquidity,add new token,import,remove pool and all are working smoothly, but there are some liquidity pairs when i add them but they are not showing on FXswap platforms like usdc/purse and fx/dai.

I divided my findings into usage/functionality problems and strictly UI problems

  1. The lists such as ‘Swap History’, ‘My Pool’, ‘Liquidity History’, ‘Transactions’ etc. sometimes show up as empty and require switching directories, coming back and unlocking the wallet again. Unfortunately, it’s not clear to me in which scenarios this happens, but usually it happenned after I made a change to the list. For example, I added liquidity to the pool and after some time the action was listed under ‘Liquidity History’ but there was no liquidity under ‘My Pool’. I had to go to a different URL, switch back and unlock my wallet again for it to show.

The ‘Wrong network’ popup shows up when the network is changed, but it doesn’t disappear once you change the network to Rinkeby - you have to manually close the popup. Would be nice if it both showed up and disappeared automatically.