Lightning Network

Due the development and adoption of BTC Lightning network, I think it will be important and a must have in pundi x ecosystem.

Any thoughts?


Anything that allows for greater interoperability and more network effect for us is great.

I think as a payment focused blockchain lightning offers enough incentive to build around.

I wonder on the state of the BTC cross chain bridge though? I think the DEX needs to be running first before any time is put into it.


I think fx does everything lighting network is designed for plus so much more. Once the team develops the BTC cross-chain, the goal should be to get consumers using the fx network rather then the lighting network.


Would be cool to have lightning network on XPOS too. That will make it easier for the masses to actually purchase and transact using BTC if they don’t hold any altcoin.

+1 !

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Yep…need lighting network …they should approach us…This Brazil
Contract doesn’t help them …in long run…get mass adoption

Should not be hard, pundi x can have there own lighting channel and we could use it on xpos and fxwallet
Something to think about …

can’t agree more