MarginX : Countdown To Beta (1st Event)

Hi Folks!

Are you ready for this? Watch out for announcement this week!

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looks cool!!!


[MarginX] Participate in our #MXCountdowntoBeta contest — 1,000 USDT & 300 NFTs to be won! :rocket:

We have just launched the #MXCountdowntoBeta contest on! :fire:

:date: Contest Period
7 June 2022, 00:00 – 15 June 2022, 23:59 (GMT+8)

:trophy: Prize Pool
:moneybag: 1,000 USDT + 300 NFTs
:crown: 300 winners

:star_struck: How to Participate
Complete the tasks in this form and collect as many points as possible. The higher your points, the higher your chances of winning.

• Answer 5 simple questions about MarginX (hint: answers can be found in our introductory videos on YouTube)
• Follow @marginx_io on Twitter
• RT our selected post
• Subscribe to our YouTube channel
• Subscribe to our newsletter
• Join our Telegram channel
• Join our Discord channel
• Refer a friend

:pouch: How to Retrieve Your F(X) Wallet Address

  1. Download and install the f(x)Wallet app in your phone (click here if you need help creating your wallet).
  2. Add the ERC-20 and FX(Core) assets to your wallet.
  3. Click into each of these assets to retrieve your respective wallet addresses for both assets.
  4. Ensure the wallet addresses are correct before submission.

:point_right: For more information, visit

Thank you for participating, and ALL THE BEST! :four_leaf_clover:

Who We Are
MarginX is the world’s first multi-chain decentralized exchange infrastructure that facilitates the trading of perpetual contracts of cryptocurrency assets, and other stock-based perpetual derivatives, on the blockchain.

  • nicely done on the video of the competition!
  • on the webpage of marginx.
  • and on the competition itself. (hard questions!!!).

Maybe someone can make new videos on margins, because I sometimes have great difficulty understanding what Danny is trying to explain. (sorry Danny).


Love this type of step-up movement.

It brings excitement to the community and creates an atmosphere that encourages participation. Would be awesome to see more of these types of activities for Pundi X, Function X and PURSE too.

  • Promotes engagement
  • Builds a more intimate relationship with your supporters
  • Expand your brand name and followers
  • Letting the community learn more about you while having the chance to win prizes

Hmm how do i enter the contest? :thinking:

I entered my details and click Enter Giveaway but the questions didn’t pop up after i clicked.

So i refreshed the page and entered my details again and click “Enter Giveaway” but it said “This entry has been flagged by our anti-spam system. (31)”.

I haven’t answered any questions yet since it didn’t pop up.

It says “Please login to view your entries” but i don’t see any login button.

A bit confused.

Entry form → ERC20 / FXCore.

Instruction → FXCore / BEP20

Forum → ERC20 / BEP20.

How come all different? haha

  1. After submitting your info, scroll down to any tasks shown (+1) and complete as many as you can; no reloading of page required.

  2. Submit your ERC-20 and FX(core) wallet address as per entry form.

After i submitted the first time, i scrolled down to the task and clicked but it didn’t pop up any question so i refreshed and re-entered then it says my entry has been flagged by the anti-spam system.

Any way to try again?

Do try again end of day, we’ll reset your entry.

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Click on any task header and the actual task will show up instantaneously (no refresh of page required).


Weird. I actually did that the first time but didn’t work for me. When i hover my cursor over it, the stop sign became my cursor.

I used Brave browser, not sure if that is why.


I will try again tonight.

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maybe try chrome this work for me on Desktop


Just Day 1 of #MXCountdowntoBeta and it’s already so lit :fire:

What are you waiting for?

:trophy: Contest running now at — 1,000 USDT + 300 NFTs to be won!


Hello folks!

A big shout out to all “Countdown To Beta” participants.

Here’s a quick note…

  1. Winners will be notified at least 2 weeks after the contest ends.

  2. Prizes will be distributed at least 2 weeks after the f(x) mainnet EVM upgrade.

Ready for Beta Challenge?

Head here —> BETA IS LIVE! 👏 Trade, refer and WIN — 5,000 USDT + 1,000 NFTs!

Thank you for your kind support :slight_smile: