[Preview] FX Decentralized Exchange (Alpha Ver Now Available)

That’s the idea, I hope DEX will have some API available at some point to use.


When lambo when rolex

awesome to hear!

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Looks great!

To clarify, a user would need FX on FX core & stable coins on Eth to trade. This leads to 2 questions:

  1. Would a user be able to buy FX Core from the Dapp (liquidity pool) or do they have to buy FX on a CEX, then transfer to FX Wallet & then pay cross chain transfer fee?

  2. The stable coins for trading, do they need to be sent to FX Core as well (Cross Chain transfer)? If yes, could a liquidity pool be setup to assist and avoid transfer fee?

I would chip in for my opinion:
FX can be obtained from everywhere you can, dex swap, cex withdrawal are both okay, the transfer or swap gas fee pay to network are unavoidable obviously as an common senses of blockchain, but cross chain will be saved if you use the same originator network as the place you wanna send to.(Dex on fx requires FX on f(x)Core that is not ERC20, I assume)

Stable Coins will using USDT on f(x)Core too, it’s hard to make exchange on chain happens multipchain, so cross chain will also be a must.

Hope f(x)Core could support more BSC crypto some for user to cross chain, Ethereum is stealing our money. And please presuade more cex using f(x)core as an deposit and withdrawal tunnel not ERC20, they can be a validator and enjoy income themselves or airdrop it to their users with an APY as much as 30% of earnings as return.

Updated on Jan 21
Alpha version of FX Decentralized Exchange [code name f(x)Variable] now is available


Wow, it’s open so soon

Faced a situation that when connecting FXwallet to Dex. Couldn’t create NFT.
I should have disconnected. And only then could I buy nft.

It will be convenient if there is a transition to trading positions. From this list of trading positions.

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I have to say it : the MMI is nice !!! :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap:

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Let there be trade!

I think if you add the section “Trade History”

  • It will be convenient.
    Because in the “Order History” there are all orders. Opened, closed, canceled and so on.
    Also in the History section, highlight orders in color. buy : green.
    Sale: Red.
    And highlight the status of orders.

And you need to experiment with fonts.

Example (binance):



Good idea! it looks clearer

Shorting TSLA

This is great, and I love to play it, but sometimes is hard to connet with my fx wallet?

for me help restart from Browser and FXwallet.

Unable to close position!

Is a bug please try 99% this help me before :sweat_smile:

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Thanks for the advice!)
Would like to see:
stop limit, market order.

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