Proposal Discussion: New Reward Staking Contract for Purse Token

Can somebody please link to announcement showing how to claim PURSE from 15 Feb to 15 Mar? Thanks you!

This one?

How do I claim if my PURSE are in fxwallet? Other than exporting the keys to metamask.

You should be able to connect with the wallet connect feature, on the purse website, with the fx wallet.

I have mines connected this way via trust wallet keys on fx wallet, and I can access my pursetokens using my fx wallet.

I’ll put the instructions again just in case.

Hi everyone,

The new single staking contract which will be replacing the monthly PURSE claim from distribution pool, is now available on the BSC Testnet for the community to test. You can claim 100 PURSE test token each time, on the app itself to test out our staking features. The app can be accessed at: Purse Staking

When you stake, you will be given an amount of share which you will use to withdraw the PURSE. The share value will appreciate over time as your PURSE is continuously compounding and the PURSE earned will appear under your Staked Balance periodically. You can also check how much PURSE you can withdraw by specifying the amount of share.

As the contract is being deployed on the BSC Testnet, you will need BNB test token in order to pay for the network fees and it can be obtained from the BSC Faucet at Binance Smart Chain: Faucet.

Do try it and give us your feedback :slight_smile:


Nice! Looks good, I did find one bug.

Where I put an invalid number and click max and then click check.
Same for Stake and Withdraw.

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@Akira Thank you for pointing it out, the issue has been resolved. Do try it out again and let us know if there is other issue :slight_smile:

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@zerogravity i like the new design, thank you for ur effort.

May I ask when will the NPXSXEM conversion unlock ends, the 8% which i get monthly from conversion ?

Is during 12 months, 12% in beginning and then 8% in 11 month

hooked up easy enough, It took using the app to understand better the explanation of how things work; when I have taken some in and out over the next few days it will become clearer how this works, I have a fresh seed wallets using the Beta version so I can not still find a path to adding assets not having a current version for these wallets to add it, I tried claiming another 100 PURSE and leaving it in the wallet to see if I went back to my wallets it would automatically show but no luck so far, 1 other thing when I went to the app web page to wallet connect I had to use the tab in the top right of the screen to get the QR code; not the connect tab in the center of the screen, in Brave browser just took me to some wallet activation for brave browser,

I’m a bit confused after the first day my stake went up by about 50% and today I looked and I don’t see a difference, I took a picture today to look tomorrow to see if there is change, or am I missing something?

Ok today the staked balance seems to have updated and caught up, but the check how much your shares are section would not do as it did the first few times and show the extra line with the now PURSE quantity related to your share value.

When is the update time?

@LKYBOB Thank you for the feedback, have already added the WalletConnect feature and it can be seen after you connect, and you do not have to go to top right tab for that. Regarding the checking of PURSE amount, it has been fixed, you can check that again now :slight_smile: As for the stake reward, it will be added periodically and since it’s a test application, the changes in your staked balance will be less frequent.

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When will the mainnet be released?

Function X is live since June 2021 and pundi X Chain since October 2021

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What I’m curious about is the official release date of the purse coin staking version.

Should be very soon, for now liquidity mining , distribution and we can also donate to #HopeForChildren Hope for Children NFT

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Hi guys, this post is to give everyone a heads-up that the purse staking BSC Mainnet version will be available on the soon, it is a continuation from the PURSE Distribution and users are required to stake their purse in order earn more purse. Do checkout the official announcement for more details.


Where can I find out?

in the official announcement, probably on their twitter, here & telegram when it’s released