Push for f(x) to be added into Celsius Wallet

Hi @zaccheah ,

Have PundiX explored with Celsius Network to add f(x) and PundiX into their wallet to help those in our community who find it challenging to earn f(x0 and PundiX yield by participating in DEFI yield farming themselves ?

Celsius Network is on the lookout to add new coins into its wallet. I think f(x) and PundiX, especially f(x) with its high 30%APY yield offering, would be a good fit for Celsius Network to consider adding into its wallet.

Celsius Network has recently launched its Swap feature to allow its users to swap coins that they keep in their wallet at zero fees. Users can earn yields on their coins in Celsius Wallet without having to dabble in DEFI yield farming themselves.



cc @DavidK


@indra maybe can help

Is good for those who like centralized stuff :laughing: i prefer Decentralized…

Getting listed there actually helps Function X.

People using Celsius will be aware of FX and if they are aware, they may buy FX and will be able to delegate FX through Celsius.

If Celsius has 10mil users, it means we have extra 10mil eyes that can potentially be FX investors.

That’s why even though Binance is centralized, every token still wants to be listed there. It is because of the potential 100mil users they have.

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So, why not descentralized dexs and defis

Aave, 1inch, etc

This is a topic on pushing f(x) to be added into Celsius Wallet. Feel free to discuss other topics elsewhere.

  1. You prefer decentralized. But does that mean you exclude anything else that is not decentralized?

  2. As a company, Celsius Network is a very active participant in decentralized networks. It benefits f(x) and PundiX if a company like Celsius Network adds them and become an active participant as well.

  3. Like it or not, most of the wealth globally today are in centralized systems.

  4. Build bridges to bring these wealth into decentralized systems.

  5. Don’t build walls.


Nothing against your opinion, I accept so please also accept mine.
Futur is descentrilazed…

Actually this has nothing to do with decentralized or centralized. I think his main point is to make FX get listed everywhere globally.

Put FX everywhere, just like BTC/ETH is in CEX/DEX, Defi, Cefi and everywhere.

I voted yes

  1. Sure.

  2. Decentralization is a journey,

  3. f(x) / PundiX is just at the beginning of this journey,

  1. Who else in PundiX besides @indra @zaccheah and @DavidK should I attention this to?

  2. My aim is to trigger a dialog between FunctionX, PundiX and Celsius Network.

of course, be every where is good for project image. i don’t mind to see fx in centralized places, but i would like that happens by there own decision and not pundi or fx first step. hard to explain
i think im infected with the maxi virus :laughing: :joy:

  1. Check out CelsiusX , DEFI arm of Celsius Netowrk https://celsiusx.network/ https://twitter.com/CelsiusXDeFi
  2. Let’s build bridges with CelsiusX @zaccheah @DavidK @indra
  1. They are a new team within Celsius Network actively looking to build bridges.