Russian-language YouTube

Good afternoon.
My name is Alexander.
And I am very happy to be in the big Pundi family.
Hopefully our family will keep getting bigger. And for this there is an idea.
There is a desire to open PundiXLabs to a Russian-speaking audience.
It is possible to organize a joint live broadcast with a Russian-speaking blogger on YouTube. With translator. The channel has 80 thousand subscribers. Channel about cryptocurrency, trading, investments.
I am sure that it will turn out to be very interesting material.

I am attaching a link to the YouTube channel.
and on twitter of the author of the channel.

Twitter: @slezisatoshi

P.S. The author of the channel knows our project. And I would like to do it.


@DavidK @zaccheah


The YouTube channel author knows everything. He will be happy to shoot a joint video.
All you have to do is just follow him on twitter, with pundixlabs. And agree on the details and time when it is convenient for you.


Great idea.


I agree, it’s time to tell people about the “new bitcoin”!


I hope not to refuse in an interview with a Russian audience

it will be useful

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That would be nice!

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we followed him, now do ur magic


@11110 Zach replied

Zac, thank You very much for being with us!)
Therefore, we are with U!))
The blogger’s name is Raphael. I talked to him, he was very interested. He’s sick now. And it is for this reason that he probably haven’t written to you yet.
This will be good content. All the more so very well for today’s twitter about Russia.)


Zac, spoke to Raphael. He added U to twitter. But there is no way to send you messages on twitter.
How can he contact U?

Zac, sorry to bother you!
Can I give Raphael your contacts to contact you?
A telegram would be convenient.

Mentioning Pundi X Labs live.

Live. YouTube channel


He’s able to DM me as we follow each other, worse case he can just send a public tweet.