Suggestions and priorities for both ecosystem

Also with activated marketing, a greater chance of finding new talents that can join both Pundi and FX


Without clear centralized marketing. With planning, with strategy. I think it’s impossible to be successful, widely used, and build a big, active, passionate, strong community. But I will be glad if someone proves otherwise.
FXDM is a cool story. If she works in parallel with a team of professional marketers.
Since the FXDM program also needs advertising. For few people know about it, and even fewer people who participate in it.
But the idea is great!
But we need professionals with a clear vision of the future, direction, goals.
At the moment for sure.


Lisa could really shake our market up, she would need better schooling on our products mainly Fx, get this Woman talking about us others will follow

Liked and comment is not much on her twitter

You are on point. No matter what we are building, we will keep losing trust from the general public and when implications comes in, it will never make any possible different. The whole community and public need something to keep them going. Countless of time we have voice out to the team to deploy some token to bsc or polygon, so we can make easy transfer. Then all the pundix stuck in exchange/ercwallet will be swapped or crosschained. Only then some people can consider delegating to pundix and fxchain.

At this point we are still going to be stuck till the evm deployment is completed.

Hi like Lisa, she already mentioned and post about PundiX some time ago.
The thing is, she just care about market and trading. Not really my kind of marketing that i would like.

I prefer guys like this

ex. What is an NFT? (Non-Fungible Tokens Explained) - YouTube


they are all the same kettle of fish, but if you get them in your bag especially one with this much influence others will cover it in competition or just because it’s a trend, It disturbs me enough how much work you have to do to get coverage when your not hot property but once you are you’ll be set, are these people offering marketing they have a large Subscribe level

@zaccheah, @DavidK, patience is not eternal, we are not in the desert in Zion, people will disperse on other projects. At the beginning, I thought that all these difficulties are created on purpose to remove the speculative capital from the structure of holders for a steady growth when the network is raised. But the network is running, and things are still there. What are we afraid of, cost growth or raw product? If the questions come from definitely not random people in our community, then management needs to take urgent action.


I agree with everything that was suggested, I also brought back in the past the dust option in xwallet as well as in f(x)Wallet.

In addition, swap in fx wallet should be enhance to support more tokens.

Voting should be supported on the app, not sure the reason for moving people to desktop.

Purse staking in bsc, fx wallet should be the first option.

There is a trend in Twitter of new tokens and new nft projects in xrpl and solana blockchains, everyday new projects, lot of airdrops and with fx ease of use to create blockchains and tokens I would expect to see the same behavior in functionx.

Increase the community members.

More Dapps

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Great suggestions. Most important is to have fx and pundix on bsc ASAP. It will on-board more users and holders. No one uses eth anymore


well written - 100% yes

the main task is to attract pundix holders for delegation - let the income be 30% per annum, but it will be from the market, and not like now

been here since 2017. just sold all 50k PUNDIX.

team never follows up with anything they do, always starting new projects and never finishing them. I honestly dont think they are serious about it anymore. Too many odd things going on im out before it goes red.

they had an amazing idea, but execution is just not there.

how are you supposed to ask twitter to help find you a connection into Arizona? thats quite pitiful if you ask me. At this point it seems as if the team doesn’t even know what to do and are asking the community for help, which is just getting smaller by the day.

I made a good profit and I learned alot of how a failed team executes. quite disappointed in how this turned out as i would have probably thought this was one of the most applicable projects.

zac you really need to find another job. public speaking is not your thing. too many ummms and uhhhs . you don’t sound confident at all in anything you say. well perhaps thats a tell and maybe it was never going to take off anyways.

don’t appreciate how you always alluded to partnerships especially with china. you tarnish your own name there. the internet never forgets. you reap what you sow

I actually liked this project. quite a disappointment.

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@fishfish ; this section askes for Suggestions and Priorities, not FUD and Slander which is all I see in your post, not Practical solutions.

no i’m actually giving suggestions on how to improve. i still have fx coins i have staked so i would like to see him do something proper with the ecosystem.

a practical solution would be transparency. if he can’t do that then its a scam then we are all wasting our time.

he wants the help of the community then perhaps the community should know about the situation right? all the past projects that have failed have not been addressed. and when they are addressed, it is not a direct statement. even the BOB phone. clearly its not coming back. they should have been more direct and straightforward.

look at my past posts i have been here for a while and there is no need for me to FUD. the amount of people on this board is 50<. i want staff and management team to see.

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I’m in your side

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Freedom of speech


yes people have the freedom of speech but taking to the opportunity to sell it’s a scam, you don’t like the CEO or understand his methods, saying it has failed going backwards over and over on the past you think was bad for us, I DON"T agree, is fud and slander, stay on topic future suggestion & Priorities, even having the gore to use the word scam here annoys the hell out of me, FUDDERs use these type of things against us coping it to social media, this sort of rhetoric is what has done us the most damage in the market because that’s all your upset about with these complaints over anything people think the project has got wrong; in my view, if you want to take this tone & back people with this your the major damaging market component, you really don’t probably understand this project or what markets are. you can make your point without ugly rhetoric & slander! as it’s those in our past that cannot support the project without rhetoric & slander that has done us all the damage in my view people like this is what most of our problems have derived from.

To be open, it is enough to conduct live broadcasts on YouTube so that all of the community can be able to ask questions and hear answers, the more often the CEO will hold them, the more useful the company as a whole, at the moment most interesting thing is interesting is that there is still not an interesting product for the community on Pundik People will just compare always with other projects if the asset itself in the market is cheap means it should bring other usefulness to the community They lie just in the wallet even delegation does not bring any profit if someone tries to convince that one cent of profit of $1,000 is still better than zero , no one is interested in it, This branch and topic is very relevant in it touched upon the main ones for implementation and it is important. Failures of the past should be just a lesson to create a good product for the market in the future, And just people want them to be heard and the company is more open to dialogue


I disagree with this statement, it’s maybe not exciting to you because you don’t understand what it really is maybe, anyway some of your other points have weight, but being a long term supporter that listen’s and looks for answers within any of the projects statements they have always been clear in the information where this is & where it’s going and they make it clear some information cannot be delivered as it may have consequence to the out come. don’t know how you don’t see value in delegation I’m making a fortune; as they say No Risk No reward = small risk small reward even Pundi teach this show me another that would, which is the reality of all Crypto the size of your risk & your management of it determines your wealth only not the progress position of the project, again your voice is about risk management failure not product failure; people keep talking about more dialogue; why do you think this forum is here and the topic’s raised