Third Governance Voting - f(x)DM - Function X Decentralized Marketing

I make twitter promoting fx and pundix
Here my twitter

You are welcome. No need to make a proposal since your content can fall into Category 1: Self-Owned / 3rd party Channels.

Very nice, very nice.

We need more real life videos like the ones @zaccheah did in 2018, featuring the Pundi X XPOS in a coffee shop.

If we can attract SMART investors who can do reviews of Function X and educate other smart investors who are not aware of Function X, things will go north easily.

Either through connections or using marketing budget.

One thing i hope the core team can do is to really push marketing for when Pundi X Chain goes live on Function X Network.

Because it is essentially a partnership between Pundi X x Function X.

Have to do a big shout out that a company (PUNDIX) that uses hardware XPOS device is building on the Function X Network - for fast transaction speed, low cost and able to cross-chain in and out of multiple different chains.


Nice plan! We will see beautiful content later🔥

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Hello - Nicely worked out @BlueStitch.

Question: “Where can creatives download the logo and consult the guidelines about it” please. - Greetings Belgiumguy :belgium:

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@BlueStitch this article doesn’t cover advertisements or promotions like below. Please check @DavidK reply. This idea was dropped because of 10000 fx proposal requirement. A clarification on running advertisements will be good.

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Perfect proposal.

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Good question.
And is there any corporate identity (like color codes in rgb, cmyk and pantone, typography, etc) available?
Maybe can be added in the article?



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Hello and thank you. We will make HD Function X logos available for download.


Good idea Jan. Will update the article to include the color codes and font that need to be used.


perfect, I will also apply that to the YT channel :+1:

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This is a detailed proposal that seeks to kickstart the much-anticipated marketing campaign that has been missing in this project.
Whilst it is important for the team to concentrate and build the technical and regulatory aspect of this project, marketing and publicity via social platforms are an extremely important part of this project in an extremely competitive space (crypto) so I am glad there is a glimmer of hope in this area.

Some comments from me.

  1. Creating quality content requires skills and time, good content will take a min of 3 hrs to create. Considering this I think the reward amount for the creator ranks is less attractive especially levels 1 & 2. Increasing the reward will make it more attractive, competitive, and worthwhile.

  2. If submitted content will be voted monthly, etc. it may be a good idea to tag it like “Fx Video of the month” etc.

  3. Finally, post-selection promoting such videos/images via all function X platforms is crucial and must be completed diligently to further promote FunctionX presence on social media platforms and update visitors to the FunctionX website through such videos and campaigns.

I can’t wait to vote for this much-needed proposal and good luck with the work and vision.

The Prophet


Hello @TheProphet , thank you for the feedback. Your points are valid. We will consider the adjustments of the award.


Can’t wait to vote for that too !!!

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Hi all,


  • We have seen several good marketing proposals, aside from f(x)DM, being floated in the forum. The other good marketing proposals are welcome to go for a vote to draw funds from EGF, but also from f(x) DM which in turn also draws from EGF. This is of course assuming that f(x) DM passes the voting because the 1M USD application can act like a seed fund for all efforts.

  • Some content creators might feel, rightly, that their scope of creation is beyond and above the reward system. Say if a person successfully get Elon Musk to retweet us, clearly this is 1000x more worthy. I believe the judge of seven will have the wisdom to reward such outstanding outliers fairly, so don’t worry about it, and quality over quantity anytime of the day.

  • As suggested in all-hands, one stand a better chance to apply in trunches, so I propose @BlueStitch to apply using a 20/30/50 fund allocations.

I am voting for this.


When will the voting procedure for all of the holders begin?

I think many of us are extremely eager to begin voting in and assisting in the process.

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We are trying to get our on-chain voting page up by Oct (think on FXCore) but I think we can even go for manual on-chain voting, by sending 0.1 $FX for YES and 0.2 $FX for NO to an address to start in September. We calculate the sender’s total $FX tokens as the vote. Whatcha think? I think if it’s not too complicated we should just go with manual on-chain this round.


The sooner the better to get the motion rolling for everyone.

Its going to take time to get the community galvanized around this type of action and something like this will be a good test for us see how active the participation will be.

This can also give confidence to the proposal writers to begin work on their projects.

  • Oct - Wait for FXCore official on-chain voting system (similar to
  • Sept - Start with manual on-chain voting (send 0.1 / 0.2 $fx to a FX address to vote YES/ NO

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Should we wait till Oct, or start in September with a manual solution?