Third Governance Voting - f(x)DM - Function X Decentralized Marketing

Congratz buddies !!!

so i absolutely love the precision of this proposal. very well thought out, i hope it doesn’t create too much overhead for people who have to validate what is being considered as helpful .

there is a idea that comes to mind, a app called crewfire. its an app where an “admin” posts a social media link and users have to do “x” and/or “y” etc, submit the proof they did it in a handy form, and then after the “eligibility period” they get “points”, these points can be used to redeem for many things but normally they can be redeemed for cryptocurrency like F(x) coin.

its a really good app for snowballing momentum, if the community is engaged anyways. i highly recommend someone to consider looking at it to see if it fits this scheme better than this scheme. less overhead the better.

they could even run concurrently.


Congrats guy’s I look forward to see what this brings us, Suggestion! one of the first things is we need something to shut up those that keep flooding the pages with; Do more marketing, we need a common response that gets a visual pic. links and sends them to plethora of all the marketing, with the advise on how to help and win from helping; which is can not be littered by anything else except new Marketing in progress.

Hello community!
Hi Zac. @zaccheah @DavidK
I decided to take the initiative and organize an interview with a Russian-speaking blogger (100k subscribers).
twitter: (@slezisatoshi):
Raphael already wrote to you, Zac.
And the chat is already set up to discuss details.
How can I reach you, Zac? what about David? And I will add you to the telegram chat.
So that you can get to know the blogger. And will discuss all the details.


I vote yes

Hello. Is the FXDM program still running? Or suspended? Thank you.

Hi @Judie , @Telchar, @SCENE and all other FXneers !

The FXDM was endowed with 1M $FX.
A vote is now happening and is distributing 160 $FX worth of gifts to winners.
However, some are producing a lot more contents than others : do you think a cyclic-period vote is worth the stake for each production ?
I think it would be less pain if the FXneers were deciding on their own who to attribute the gifts to, on a non-cyclic period, based on the quality, the duration, the effort and the public views of each content.
If we were to attribute 160 $FX worth of gifts every single week, it would take 120 years to distribute the FXDM fund !!!
We need to incentivize content producers more than it is currently IMHO, and to setup a ceiling six-months amount to be distributed to producers.


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Hello! Your suggestion is very good and considering the factors creators contribute to making the contents, the FXNEERS have been discussing and shall make some announcements very soon as well as the launch of the website.

Aside from the winners chosen by the community, we’ll also announce the contribution rewards and the one submitted to category 2. Stay tuned!


Actually the prize varies depending on quality, it won’t stay at a fixed prize ~ $160.

If the video content involves multiple editing efforts, of course the reward will be higher.

What I mean by editing effort:

  1. Making animations from scratch and not using canvas, like an animator or an actual artist drawer - basically self-drawn / animate

  2. Involves more than just video editing, like getting real life people to be in the video which involves coordination from multiple people and takes quite a lot of effort

  3. Using their self-drawn logos of Pundi X and Function X - this shows effort because they didn’t just take the ready-to-use logos from the team

There are still many more but I won’t list everything here. Top notch quality videos are usually those experienced artist that draw themselves or it involves multiple people which requires coordination and camera work - they will be rewarded according to the quality of work.

It won’t make sense and it isn’t wise to give $10k to a random meme maker. This won’t be a wise decision, from a financial and marketing standpoint.


No. 3
I would talk to the team about logo self creation as far as I’m aware their supposed to be as supplied, it’s a policy of the logo’s I believe color, font matter, there was info with the supplied art here somewhere, just in case you might want to look into this.

Hi everyone, here is the google drive link where you can find additional logos/materials for you to use when making your designs.

You will also see uploaded a folder with the community material already created and shared. The reason that the setting is set on “view only” is to avoid any uploads from unknown external parties, so if you would like to upload a file in the community art folder please shared it and will upload it!

Thank you! :clap:


This video has been submitted to category 2 on FXDM, check it out: f(x)Variable Video!


Fully agree with you @Mdmdmd83 that the rate of f(x)DM distribution is simply not good enough, concurrently though I think @BlueStitch and @Judie is doing their utmost best to find channels to distribute effectively, and not to just give 10k to random meme maker like @SCENE said.

I believe things like this takes time to gel, as do EGF distribution as a whole, I believe we are slowly getting there.


Thanks @zaccheah .
I’m sure they’re doing their best, but in order to incentivize producers, we need to make sure their efforts will be rewarded. We have a full university here with young people ready to realize stuff, but they need content and FX-knowledge in order to do so…
I was honest with them and told them there was a selection process in the end, and they really don’t feel like spending time on this if they’re not sure they’d be rewarded at least 100 bucks for a good finalized and reviewed content. And believe, they’re really good at what they do. And they don’t care being paid in $FX or whatever, as long as it’s worth the effort.

To summarize :

  • we should write objectives about what we’re expecting to see in videos, in pictures
  • we should propose a summary of what FunctionX is, what PundiX is, what Purse is, for noobs, in order to familiarize outside people to these products
  • we should have a timeline of what those projects went thru
  • we should expand the Google Drive in order to capitalize all the validated information about those projects.
  • we should have a summarized roadmap (before, now, future), indicating where we’re going…

There are many initiatives, many documents and websites : however, it’s hard for someone coming from outside to get a clue of what we’re doing and why we’re doing it.

That would help a lot.
I can contribute as much as I can if you feel like it.

Another way might be to expand the GitBook…



This is the exact reasons why I made those one-pagers, I often put out there. Its more succinct and to the point for outsiders, and education, as much as possible.

All the other suggestions you’ve made are brilliant. It should be executed imo. It’s difficult to keep up with the three projects.

I’ve also found one pagers are not enough to capture the full depth to new eyes. Videos are the way forward, but time consuming and skills needed, which I don’t have.

There was a time myself (the reviewer) where Dee Duncan made videos of the whole Pundi eco. We need more stuff like this for others to see once over and absorb it all. Even making my original reddit guide was having me look into many places to gather the correct infos.

I found using the yearly reports to be a good source to start, there’s only 4 to date. And even then they don’t contain all the stuff, because it’s just too much stuff lol.

I have also suggested a while back to rename some of the medium reports to describe in heading what the article is about (because it does get confusing to relocate info again) and the titles headings are not descriptive enough. Maybe use bullet points on monthly summaries before fill breakdown read.

The infos on the official blog via Pundi website has improved soo much than before. It even has categories now - products, partnerships, token, team and meet-ups.

May a good summary video on the blog might be a good find for new folks to catch everything in one place. I’ll see if I can find Dee’s first ever video! It was good.

Maybe something is out there now eg a youtuber has already done this over the years passed (not sure have to look) to see if one already exists, that we can add to the official website blog section, and update with a new one if and when available…

CC: @zaccheah

Also Zac please see your twitter dm. I have a forwarded a few suggestions to Sahil, which you may like… He did.

I agree with you on this.

The Function X website has to have a detailed infographic on what exactly it can do on another page so people can read and write about it.

I know there is mediums/blog about it but people wouldn’t want to go through all that hassle when they just got to know a new coin. We have to catch their attention from the website itself before they are willing to put in the effort to research further.

Currently, it only has the home page which is pretty good but i dont think it is enough for people to make a video/write an article about it.

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Thank you very much, this has been very helpful. Agree with most commentators.

Hi @BlueStitch

I’d like to submit my JFunctionX API to FXDM for a reward.
However, I can’t find the right category to submit it.
Could you please help and guide me thru the process ?



Cool! The best validator for me!) THX!!!


just apply in one category, fxneers will figure out something :+1: