Validator's details, website and contact not updated

I’ve edited validator’s details by:

fxcored tx staking edit-validator --from=test --website="" --details="To infinity and beyond!" --security-contact="" --gas auto --gas-adjustment=1.2 --gas-prices="6000000000000FX" --yes

but details, website or e-mail contact hasn’t been updated on the Explorer website. In fact, all of the validators have the same placeholders.

On my side, I managed to edit e-mail, name and website, but not the description…
Check on

Edit: changed explorer for testnet

Details are working now, website and contact not, most likely identity doesn’t work on the Explorer either.

Also, can we support new line endings like in proposals description for easier formatting?


"details":"To infinity and beyond!\nTo infinity and beyond!\n"

we’re working on this

  • When securityContact has been not specified, it’s reverted to ‘[do-not-modify]’, but the website still show it as “mailto:[do-not-modify]”. I wanted to reset to default, but it doesn’t work.
  • Suggestion: Maybe instead of default prefixing with “mailto:”, would be possible to include links, like to link to the support page, or something, otherwise prefixing it with plain ‘mailto’ addresses can result in lot of spam.
  • Identity still doesn’t seems to load.
  • Website links aren’t clickable on the mobile app.
  • New lines aren’t processed for validator’s details (ideally should be similar like for the proposal details).