Zac: Proposal for a Pundi X Reward token

Hands down one of the best ideas revolving around NFT. Storage is beautiful integration.

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and two other items for the reward token could be the xpos / xpass or bob phones.

since bob phones were planned to be build as showcase there can be a small batch manufacturing like 1337 pieces (the nerds will understand why 1337) and they are ONLY available through the fx / punding staking program and the pundix reward tokens as an ultimate goal for the staking. (then we need to have the possibility the swap stake reward fx to reward tokens, no normal fx, only the stake reward calculated ones)

and if bob phones are in that reward store then there could be specially designed and 3d printed modular packs (or blueprints). this could be a mega collectible :smiley:


damn now i hyped myself with this… i need those bob and modular packs…

if its not possible can i have the blueprints to 3d print them myself? :smiley:




As promised and as requested,

Here’s the Request-for-Comment for the new Pundi X Reward Token. This forum is the place to discuss and debate it.


Added the RFC to the Pundi X News category: Request for Comment: Pundi X Reward Token (Project name ‘PR’)


Maybe it’s to late, but i have an idea… $xR

“X” stand for pundi x and function x
“R” stand for Rewards

And the “x” will connect for synthetic asset inside $fx like $xETH, $xBTC, $xLINK, etc



Please give pundix as a reward instead of another token with new name

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I have several thousand dollars invested in PUNDIX, and about 1000 in FX but I can’t seem to stake my coin it says I don’t have enough coins? HOW MUch do you need to stake because I Am not EARNING ANYTHING and I have been with you since your launch. Is it because I’m in USA or what? I feel shit on because I am constantly supporting the project and spreading the word yet I never get any of the benefits of staking. Really stinks.


You must have Ether to stake pundix or FX. I would suggest reading up on how this all works before complaining like this. It shows your unwillingness to learn about the things you have put so much money into…

Its honestly embarrassing to read posts like this also being from the USA. Please do more research before ranting and fudding.

At this point it is a bit late to be entering the stake. The Ether fees involved are not going to pay you out enough with only 10 days left in this pre-governance stake. Be prepared to delegate after the mainnet launches to gain staking benefits.


That is impossible without a complete code change to PundiX. The supply is finite and deflationary. Changing that code would be a terrible decision and destroy the tokenomics.

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RPI token

Reward ,Payment, Investment token

staking now if near finished unless you have more then $10k of FX I would wait for mainnet there will be all the staking and earning you desire on fx network, the staking at the moment was a short 10 week stake on eth network to prep for mainet; so it probably saved you not being able to stake because of high eth network fee’s which is probably because you had no eth to pay the tx fee’s on your wallet or is not up to date, reboot device when ever updating wallet, Don’t panic all the good staking with max earning comes with FX mainnet soon, But if you have big bags of FX stake now we are near the last week we need a few more fx to get FX network started

Already NPXSXEM has Liquidity in exchanges.
So,I think that NPXSXEM migration is no lockup,and only swap.

Is this news about the reward token also distributed thoughtout all the telegram groups?

I agree with you!!! I’ve been staking since day 1 and I’m from the USA… It’s really simple to do. I buy ETH from Coinbase, then send ETH to my MetaMask Wallet, then Swap some ETH to PundiX using UniSwap. I then send my PundiX and the rest of my ETH to my f(X) wallet. I then stake my PundiX… I use High Gas everytime and I’m having no issue… In the beginning was different but since the PundiX team fixed that issue I’ve had no issues since…


Hello Mr. Zac @zaccheah & Pundians,

I’ve already indicated on Twitter before that I’m not a techie and that’s why I’m not going to get involved in too technical topics.
(But nevertheless I hope that te user methods are kept as simple as possible for all end users).

If I understand correctly, after some reading and searching, Again, you must have a wallet to store these BEP20 tokens:
F(x)-wallet or this one from Binance ( Binance Chain Extension Wallet) or some other like for example: Arkane Wallet, Math Wallet, MetaMask, etc… to take ownership of this reward token, do I understand well.
Also, I must have either $PUNDIX or $BNB coins to cover the expenses.

As HODLER, I have parked some of my Pundix-coins on Binance. Is getting this rewarding token something Binance will automatically do for me again like the swap, (which I would love again :wink:). Or will I have to take this time action on this myself ? What with $PUNDIX coins on other exchange ?

As far as naming is concerned, I completely resign myself to the judgment of the community. As long as there’s no PUNDIX in the naming to eliminate confusion; I fully share @Superbit123’s view here.

There is always something to experience with PundiX :clap: :+1:t4:.
Good luck and keep the PundiX-spirit alive and kicking - Greetings Belgiumguy🇧🇪


Ok, I can live with that argument :slightly_smiling_face:.
My thought was, since the token is not meant for trading or speculation etc, but more an addition to $pundix for holders, the confusion will be negligibe.
A total different name would be more confusing imo, but hey, thats me and my way of thinking :grin:

Voted for PR btw.
The name PURSE makes me think of a thing around the shoulder of Paris Hilton or Kim K… :rofl::joy:
$PR sounds a lot cooler.

@Belgiumguy, although neighbours, feel free to join the Netherlands thread, happy to see you there!


Thanks for all the comments, answering them.

@hogehoge the proposal is for both $PUNDIX claim and $NPXSXEM migration to have lockup. First unlock will give you 12% of Reward Token, followed by 8% each month until we reach 100%. @Tomk also talked about something similar.

@Rashmi here will be NO more inflation, $PUNDIX supply is now finite and deflationary. Also mentioned by @Telchar

@Belgiumguy For the Reward Token’s initial supply, our plan is to send the Reward Tokens to a BSC wallet with the exact same address as your Ethereum address. If you look closely, BSC and Ethereum address are the same and you may use the same private key to “unlock” the other. More guidelines on that later. When you claim you obviously need to have gas fees to do it, in this case you will use $BNB tokens to claim your initial supply of Reward Tokens.


Glad to hear the details.

Looking forward to the mainnet and the future developments!