Zac: ultimate short guide to claiming

Is decentralize. You own your tokens. we can stake and unstake when we want.
and yes , the instructions are very clear.
you unlock your rewards when you make the first claim.


some may not of wanted to have a large quantity staked just because they didn’t want to be staked, maybe they are more a happy trader, but they still want mainnet like everyone else; so wait to the end so they are staking for a short time, is the only logic i can think of, but everyone has their own methods right, relax and hope for the best, in the worst case they do a new staking with bigger rewards


Hi Guys and Gals;

So when we claim the initial Rewards from our Stake; Should I add these straight to my FX stake, or is there a new contract starting after the 30th??


add now if you want too, no new contracts to come as yet


It’s people responsibility to be in tune with their interest, all information is there and supplied, this is now why we have this forum because it don’t matter how much communication they make people only see what they want to, I hope Pundi prevails to me the greatest disappointment in my time with this project is the amount of lazy stupid people there are in this world, I’m not calling you stupid; Crypto is a self education self responsible system in the most part


The first round of $fx and $pundix staking has officially concluded. Here are some figures and action items.

  • 10,500,000 $fx worth ~3.6M USD will be distributed as claim reward. You may perform first claim from 16th - 21st June for your first 5% and continue claiming the rest til 5th December. You are NOT required to redeem, just claim is enough to get first 5%.

  • For those that used $fx token to stake, you can claim the 5% of your rewards now. Keep your original $fx in the pool by NOT redeem it to help launch #FXCore mainnet. We need 20% of $fx token in the pool to launch and we are very close.

  • Users will not be able to stake more $fx to increase the supply, but we need to launch Mainnet, any whale with significant $fx that is willing to transfer directly into the contract (0x8fb0FCbE3B8F3183E192B1071EE4AB3ab9588332) to get us to Mainnet launch. If you are a whale and do that in next ten days, I will personally airdrop more $fx to you.

Thanks team!


Pushed the message into Reddit hoping awesome whales will answer

Edit: also on Twitter but i don’t have much followers so if others do the same it be very helpful


Everyone let’s SHARE this ASAP via TWITTER, TELEGRAM, FACEBOOK, to your FRIENDS or whoever you want.

This is THE OPPORTUNITY, OUR OPPORTUNITY. If you are part of this family (PUNDIX & FX) and you want this to success, now is the time to take action.

Do you believe in Cryptocurrencies? Do you want to be an early adopter of one of the projects will change the world? We need Function X to go alive for some reasons, we need it to build the structure of the network which is necessary to have low fees and high speed for PundiX transactions. FunctionX will send PundiX to the next level and you don’t want this don’t happen.

Have you ever had a dream? Nobody is gonna give you nothing, you have to work harder and harder to achieve it, and now we, all the community, have to move on.

Do the things are needed to spread this info, but do it. This train has only one station, LET’S DO IT!!

Let’s make the last effort!!


I hope that the community steps up and contributes. That is the purpose of a decentralized blockchain system. We need the community now more than ever! I hope we can get this done together!

Please stop withdrawing your stakes guys, it is only hurting us towards our community goal!


Every whales will what to know what they will stand to gain…

And if there’s going to be any conditions of holdings…

This is Crypto… alot of people including the whales don’t understand and know how to identify good and everlasting project like pundix… they are only in for the gains…

It will be nice if you make it official in your social media and also name whatever you are willing to give or conditions attached for there contribution.

Maybe you can decide to make it a public airdrop like… so the contributions will come in from different wallet…

Just a suggestion…


Posting screenshot of this message on your Twitter will be good Zach.


An example of official airdrop statement…

Kickstart FX mainnet launch by contributing FX to the smart contract and earn airdrop

Total required FX to lunch mainnet 75,720,905 FX

Total amount contributed 91% ( 68,480,590 FX )
Total amount left to be contributed 9% ( 7,240,315 )

Lets launch FX mainnet and get airdrop of more FX.

You can purchase fx on the listed exchange

Contribute to the FX smart contract below


9% left to launching FX mainnet…



This is just a suggestion… i might have some mistakes dough…

What do you guys think??


why not take these missing $fx from the emergency reserve fund?

thousands of people have made thousands of small contributions from the bottom of their hearts, and this is more expensive than one contribution for the benefit of one!


Exactly my thoughts… we have been staking and waiting for a long time… and have been through a whirlwind (and still are in the eye of the storm). So now we are waiting for a savior? Who gets additional extra benefits?


Hi @zaccheah ,

  1. “If you are a whale and do that in next ten days, I will personally airdrop more $fx to you” ? Please provide specifics.

  2. You mentioned also that Function X Foundation may consider providing more incentives. Please provide specifics.




I believe we will hit the target.


whales know what they are in and the bonuses that will come with mainet launch, Zac offer of reward is enough guy’s, the requirement it to secure the decentralisation of the network explained many times the 20% needs to come from the community, not the pundi coffers they could do it any time but this requirement is on you the supporters.


i dont really get it. if the whales do not launch mainnet they do not gain from it either. what the hell are they doing?


who knows, maybe they are Distracted by other things at this time, don’t see the importance, or have some sort of alternative game plan, who knows


What happens when smaller supporters add to this contract, will the extra show in the FX app staked qty, or will the extra staked be on pundi’s good faith they will be returned later to the supporter