Zac: ultimate short guide to claiming

It’s creative but rewarding this person’s action is not in the spirit of encouraging other FX holders who have not yet joined the community to stake with a little additional bonus. At that point, why not just add 10% bonus FX to all those who did stake already and got us to ~71MM FX staked around June 13 before starting to withdraw? That would tip us into the 75MM. Anyway, I would say: “nice move, but no bonus.”

Hi Zac, I am a supporter of NPXS many years.

Unfortunately I am staking more than 100 000 Fx tokens, but missed the date to claim it before 29th July. 🥲 Please, can I still do anything?

Is there any differences between validators? I really appretiate xour help. Thank you very much. Andrew

redeem your coin back to your wallet, staking is not delegating, that staking contract is finished and will not be reused, delegating on FX chain is governance; by delegating you provide voting power, security to the Validators you support, only FX can delegate to earn fx on the FX core, Xpos chain will have delegation for PUNDIX soon there you can earn PR token, Hold your PUNDIX on your Private wallets for the snap shots to be eligible for the PR token airdrop, Fee’s are very cheap on FX chain so once you are on FX chains delegated they are permeant chains you can delegate for as long as you like with no risk of impermeant loss.

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Thanks for the explanation, maybe too detailed for an amateur. I know the difference between PUNDIX and FX, but didnt find, what is the best, when I missed dates to pickup rewards.

  1. I’m wondering if I’ve already missed the reward for 19 weeks of FX stacking or can I still use it in the FX wallet?

  2. I’m not holding PUNDIX now, FX coin only. What is the best strategy now if I plan to sell in 6 months or 24 months? Is it possible to calculate with any average holding value?

  3. Is there any differences in validators? What parametr is the best for me?
    I apologize for the “stupid” questions, but marketing communication could be more primary for some :slight_smile: Thank you for your valuable advice.

Did you do first claim on the rewards, simply if it shows you have rewards unlocked and it will let you; you can claim it and you can receive the rewards, the remainder releases over the 19 weeks after your first claim, If you didn’t do the first claim in time your rewards may not be released.

Redeem means take your staked coin back to your wallet; press redeem and get them back to your wallet you can’t do anything with your FX until you do.

all Validators are the same at this time it dose not matter which really you support; they are all team validators set at the same return

After you have your FX back in your FX wallet, you will need to copy your FX core wallet address and go to your FX erc20 wallet and send your funds to your fx core wallet; which will be automatically a cross chain transfer after that you are on FX mainnet Core, after that then you can delegate your FX to a validator, Hashout posts by pundi have all the instructions you need, some youtube videos are being created by some

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I believe that this project will really go a long way to put smile in our face. I hope this project will develop well and will be on the moon.

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